Belle’s Fall In love with Fall- Failures

Hi everyone,

Last year I wrote a blog five days a week, and in the Summer I wrote leas. This year and moving forward I’m trying to get out of being so so regimented and be freer with my inspiration. So for those of you old and new followers, you’re stuck with me ( and so happy that you are!) for the long haul. I wanted to mention that as I didn’t yesterday. Also thank you to those who are new here for joining the journey and struggle; I hope you feel welcomed here, because without you all, there would be no purpose for my writing…

Sometimes we need to miss the point
Belle Pray

With that said, let’s delve right into today’s topic: Failures. If you ask a person who is or isn’t a parent, about themselves, do they ever explain their failures or shortcomings ? Why? Well for me, I can answer from my own view. Failure, like beauty, is completely in the eye of the beholder. For example, I knew a girl growing up who couldn’t get a “B” as a grade. If she did, she was a failure in her house. To me this was a total bummer and adult me would never freak out on a child for a passing grade that’s decent! Yet that was my beginning to understanding failure. It’s different to us all.

Yesterday I explained to over 90 students who I am, and I am guilty of saying, not one of my explanations were stories of failure. So I began to dig deeper within myself to find answers, and that is exactly where I am today. Failure didn’t define me then and it doesn’t define me now. Through my failures and growing pains as as person and parent, I have become who I present to you today, a person and parent who’s not perfect but determined as heck to keep moving forward and striving for better. Without failure in my life, I’d just be stuck in yesterday with no outlook toward the future.

In my younger years, I failed at the following: patience, speaking up, love life, and work. In my present I succeed at handling pressure head on while being able to keep my composer (aka patience) I speak up not only for myself but I am an active advocate for those with no voice, ( my friends can tell you I can even be a little too honest) I met my husband ( I rather have failed with all those relationships before him ten times if it meant I get to spend forever with him) and though careers came and went, some even before they started, it helped me realize there is no job better in this world than loving someone more than you’ll ever love yourself aka being a Mum.

So in short I hope you all can learn, just like I did, to love& admire yourself relentlessly and know you’re more than your messy past failures. Remind your little ones ( no matter how old they are ) of this too, because we all need to be reminded of how awesome we are!

I wish for you all to keep trekking through life one experience at a time.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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