Belle’s Fall in love with Fall- First day

Hi everyone,

Happy Labor Day to all my people who work hard in and out of the home! How are y’all? Missed you all and I hope you’ve missed me and my endless missions of parenting and adulting 😊! September is the beginning of Fall, even though the first official day of Fall has yet to arrive ! I always found the irony in that. I mean think about it… here we are today celebrating the end to Summer officially, but colder days haven’t just yet shown their winds and even through today you still had to pay to go to beaches near my way, BUT I could get a pumpkin spiced latte and a pumpkin donut at the same time.. POOF – mind blown-

Fall for me, as you all know, is a special time of year. I enjoy the cooler weather, I love pumpkin donuts and an excuse to dress up for Halloween. Although my favorite Fall months are October and November, September brings about a lot of fascinating traditions; one of which I’m experiencing myself tomorrow……. The first day of school. For as long as I can remember history had show us how school and education has evolved. Yet, no matter how old I am, thinking of the first day of school always gives me anxiety. For me, the first day of anything is nerve wrecking, but the first day of school just jumbled so many firsts into one day, it was often so hard to handle.

Even my first day of my senior year in high school, and the first day of my last semesters in college drove me nuts, and tomorrow is another first for me. As you all know, I will be again a career woman, and I’m going back to school! I’m freaking out about it as if it was my first day back as a student! Crazy right? So in my moments of fearing the unknown, I began using how I felt to relate to my own son. As I mention often being a person is hard but being a parent and person is harder ! So, what if we all really give that some consideration and give our kids a little more credit than we already do?

Children being raised in this age are completely different than when I was a kid. They have WAY more pressure. Sometimes the pressure stems from their parents and not just their peers. I am no perfect person or parent, but I continuously strive to exceed my own potential and do my best, no matter what. For some that’s easier said than done. Nonetheless I see myself time and time again wanting so much for my son, that it slips my mind that everything he does everyday is so new for him. I’m not sure if he gets as nervous as I do on the first day of anything, but children still need to be given the credit for surviving every first. From the moment they first eat with a spoon to the first day of school, to a graduation, each milestone puts pressure on a child even more than we really believe it does.

So in short, my message to you all tonight is to not be so hard on yourselves or your children. Life is too short to get it completely, so why waste time trying to be perfect, when you could just be learning and having fun.

I wish you and your loved ones a great school year and a great end to 2019, as we once again fall in love with Fall, and approach the new year to come.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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