Always Working Mum: Last Summer Blog, be back in September after this

Hi everyone,

I hope you all have been well! I have been extremely busy lately. For me when people say that to me it’s usually an excuse to not have me mad at their absence (especially my friends) but for me in present time this is true. I’ve been running .. always running.. hahah with my family, I fell a little under the weather during that time, then running around with friends, their kids, and next week I will be starting a new job! So needless to say I will be needing time to prepare and put my feet up before reality sets in! So this is my last post for Summer, but in September I will be back blogging more frequently. (Hopefully)

For the last five years my family and I have been through a lot, and as you all know we’ve overcome even more than we’ve been through. This Summer, particularly, I took time to settle with it all, and build a life long routine for my family that includes, Faith, love, respect, and of course FUN. For me, myself, I have come a long way, and I hope that throughout my life, I can continue to exceed all expectations that I set for myself, as being a Mum has changed my entire list of priorities and needs. So that is why today I end my Summer blog with “the always working Mum.” This topic is so real to me; not just now but always, and I thought as people and parents we could all relate.

Summer is supposed to be about taking it easier and being more laid back, but when September comes most people are more uptight and trying to rush through the holidays. Why is that? Well as I can’t tell you that I can tell you this, NO GOOD MUM OR GOOD PARENT EVER RESTS. Now there are a million parenting styles, but what all of the exceptional ones have in common is they’re dead tired, at the end of each day, because they do everything in their power to be there for their children, make better opportunities for their children and provide for their children and families. If you’re not tired and you’re a parent, well then you just might be supernatural because even those who claim to be perfect, or are seen to be perfect, get tired after awhile. So my point with this post is that no matter what you’re doing if you’re a good parent you’re always working.

At nine years old I started my first job. I was in the third grade and it was then I learned the importance of making, spending, and saving money. I worked from then all the way until I had my son, which was a forced hiatus. YET staying home with my son, staying home writing and working from home, was harder than any office job I ever had. Though I didn’t get time off, sick days, or extra compensation, any devote parent who has stayed home knows this is true. It’s hard work beyond belief. I know since the beginning of time especially for women there’s so many stigmas for those Mums who stay home and those who go to work. Truth ladies and gents is that both are hard in their own way, and both are productive, and both are draining. So no matter where you are as a parent, GO YOU is what I say, because no one tells you the nitty gritty of parenthood.

There’s no right or wrong way, as long as the child has what they need, the child is safe, the child is learning, and the parent is present. If you work full time, there’s never an excuse to NOT be present when you’re with your kids. So everyone this journey you have chosen to come with me on, has had a rollercoaster ride at its MAX peak, and now I’ll be sliding down a slope in another direction as a parent and person. That being said, thank you all for being here, wish me luck in my next chapter, and I look forward to discussing how it turns out. Enjoy the rest of your August and I’ll see y’all back in September !

This blog is dedicated to all parents who push their way through life as champs for their kids !

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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