Belle’s Friday’s of Summer : Hacks for Summer

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. I am excited about this post, because in my research I have learned a lot. If you think you’re too old to learn or try, then my friend you need a revamp. 😂 As a person who’s a parent, I constantly look for easy things to make and or do, to make life more fun and exciting for my family. So hacks are a fave!

I am a huge fan of “hacks” and “DIYS” in general, as I have grown up on them, and know that everyone has so many to share, so there’s always something new to learn ! I hope you enjoy the read and learn something new. So always feel free to share yours with me as well.

Summer hacks :

  • Use onions to clean your grill and lift residue instead of always using a brush
  • For days of extreme heat and unfortunate sunburn, freeze aloe Vera juice in an ice tray and rub all over you and or your little guys and gals
  • Use a water bottle that has poked holes in it to make a DIY sprinkler using only the bottle and hose 
  • Use a watermelon as a juice dispenser for your party
  • About an hour before serving food and snacks cut lemons and add cloves to them, to keep pesky bugs away from yummy food and treats
  • Don’t have enough firepower for s’mores ? Well that’s ok just use a bag of Doritos ! Yes Doritos with their high fat content helps keep the fire ignited …so keep the s’mores a comin !
  • Want to keep freezer burn off your ice cream? Just put it in a ziplock in the freezer and you’re good
  • Worried about valuables at the beach? Keep thieves away by wrapping your stuff in a clean diaper. No one wants to steal a diaper hahaha
  • Hate the sand reside? Use baby powder to remove sand
  • Last but not least use a cupcake wrapper or paper cup to catch Ice cream and ice pop drips 🙂

I wish for you all today to realize that to make things work and fun, you don’t always need a lot of money just your imagination! So get creative and enjoy the weekend!

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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