Belle’s Friday’s of Summer : Birthdays

Hi everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed Christmas in July yesterday! I am celebrating it today as well, so the party must go on! I’m always”IN” as you all know for any excuse to celebrate Christmas!

So for today’s talk, I want to bring out your inner spirit PARTY ANIMAL and talk about birthdays ! My beautiful baby boy has continued growing, too fast I might add, and his birthday is This weekend. So in honor and dedication to my angel, my heart, my soul, my just about everything, I want to give you a fun fact filled post about how we came to celebrate ourselves and those we love most!

As a child born in the Fall weather, I often envied children with Summer birthdays. Why? Well they could have pool parties, cookouts, campfires, all the fun stuff, and for mine I was almost always with a cold! When you’re a child you hardly think about cost of things or the weather lol. Ironically, my husband and my fur baby also share Fall birthdays. So when we were told to expect our son in the fall, we couldn’t believe we’d be now celebrating a Summer birthday !

So facts about birthdays :

  • The earliest birthdays can be dated by historians as early as 3000 BCE. Egyptian pharaohs celebrated their coronation day as a rebirth and it was a huge celebration.
  • Christians initially thought birthdays were pagan rituals… Makes sense as most birthdays in the olden times celebrated ancient Gods.
  • In 1924 Robert Coleman published his book of songs that included what we now know and love :” Happy Birthday Song”
  • Ancient Romans celebrated people’s birthdays not just Gods and mythological creatures. However if you were female you didn’t get a Roman birthday until 12th century
  • German bakers created some of the first contemporary birthday cakes
  • A golden birthday is when someone’s age matches the number date of their birth month. So for example, if you turn 5 on the 5th of the month your golden.
  • The USA loves birthdays. 58% of All cards purchased in a year in the USA are…. YES you guess it.. birthday cards ! HOW FUN

How we should all celebrate birthdays :

  • Being grateful
  • Celebrating ourselves
  • Not feeling old
  • Reflecting on what we can do to make this year better
  • Eating great food
  • Having a slice of cake at least one or 5 lol
  • Surrounding ourselves with those who truly love us even if one year the number is fewer than we’d hoped for. Quality over quantity

So for all of you celebrating your birthday this week; happy birthday loves! For all of you amazing and proud parents LIKE ME celebrating for your little ones, no matter how tall or young they are, job well done everyone ! And happy birthday to all those deserving of a celebration !

Much love,

Belle ❤️

To my son, Mummy Loves you now and always will for forever and always. You are my Sun, my moon, and my stars, and I’m blessed to have you. May this year and everyday for the test of your life, bring you the light you bring us all, the laughs you share with us, the love you surround us with, and the endless opportunities you deserve. Happy birthday my forever baby shark. Love you xoxo Mummy.

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