Belle’s Friday’s of Summer : Christmas in July

Hi everyone,

I hope you all have been well! Now here are two things I love to combine; Summer and Santa! As you all know, I love Christmas so I always loved this celebration during summer.

Instead of the Winter blues I get the Summer reds. I’m always too hot, too rushed, and the days go too fast! So Christmas in July reminds me to slow down, enjoy time with my family, and remember the magic that Christmas represents. My husband and I actually celebrate our wedding anniversary on July 25, so it’s even more special!

Some fun facts about Christmas in July :

  • In 1933 a girls camp in North Carolina , USA celebrated the first Christmas in July celebration
  • Australians experience their Winter in July so July 25 is a perfect time to have a real Christmas the Aussie way
  • In the 1950s Americans used Christmas in July as a phrase to have sales in the summer
  • The holiday season was brought to term and recognized in the 1980s
  • Hallmark channel is full on with the trend and premieres two new movies this year. One came on last night and is called “Christmas Camp”
  • There are many free things that include Santa for the kiddies and even us big kids lol

So whatever you do this month just remember that life will always bring you magic when you least expect it.And that is what we should always look forward to !

Much love always,

Belle ❤️

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