Belle’s countdown to Summer: Think of Others

Hi everyone,

We had a serious storm last night with Tornado warnings so needless to say, I wasn’t able to post last night like I planned. YET here I am and here you are, and it’s Friday Y’all 🥳

I wanted to end this week discussing how the Summer can be such a fun time for us, that sometimes it can make us a little selfish. Sometimes intentionally and other times unknowingly. When the sun is shining and we have plans, we want to go go go, but I think after a few celebrations, we should remember that no matter where we are in our lives, there are people and unfortunately children and animals who have times way worse than we do, and Summer can be a great time to help!

Some charities that are ALWAYS looking for volunteers :

  • Alex’s lemonade stand. An organization built to help fight childhood cancer. I actually helped this organization many of times, and it still brings tears to my eyes and joy to heart and the same time.
  • Soup kitchens. They provide food for the homeless
  • The red nose – local vendors help this group buy having you purchase a funny clown nose to help fight childhood hunger. Buy a nose, give a laugh, and fight childhood hunger. It’s an overall win win here! I get one every year.
  • Some more hands on charities include: habitat for humanity; helping build homes and other amazing structures for the less fortunate, The international volunteer HQ , allows you to travel and help other countries in need, and The American Red Cross

A few Furry friend charities are:

  • The Humane society I’m an animal lover, so this is a charity I myself am always apart of. They help save animals from cruelty
  • The ASPCA helps save animals as well
  • Local animal shelters (big name or small) are always looking for volunteers to help furry friends, and help them find forever homes. Who knows, you might want to take one home with you.

Now there are billions of charities to help just about everyone all over the world, and I have only named a few. It’s so important to volunteer and to show your kids how to help those who may not have as much. No one should have time to say they’re bored…It’s not just the holidays that should bring about our need to help others, it should happen everyday. So while you’re enjoying your Summer, make sure to support local organizations that help those who need it most.

My wish for you all is to find it in your hearts everyday to think of others. Always.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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