Belle’s countdown to Summer continues with : free is for me

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for being here! Today I want to remind you that Money isn’t everything, especially in Summer. The wonderful part of sunny days besides the fact that people are nicer and more carefree, is that there are a lot of things half off, and even free in the Summer. As a Mum always looking for the best fun with the best deal, it’s a WIN WIN. For example, the local library has a lot of things for children and families including, the arts, dance parties and even sessions where you might be able to read to a real dog. There are tons of free festivals, parades, cookouts, free beaches, picnic areas, waterfronts, parks, and even playgrounds that are family friendly with scenic views.

For those of us who don’t want to spend ALOT but want to remain cool, local movie theaters and restaurants offer summer deals especially for little ones; your local mall always has something going on, especially their AC! And trust me there’s so much more to do, I’m only naming a few. Thanks to google, all you have to do is GOOGLE phrases like : free events near me, or what’s going on today, family events, and such, and you’ll find there is so much to do. Another great way not used often because of Google, is to simply ask around.

As a Mum an adult, I always appreciate networking with people I meet or even those I’ve known for years, as everyone has their own ideas of fun, and you never know what cool places people can teach you about until you ask. Even fellow bloggers have taught me so much! For example, a few years back, a coworker of mine, took my family and I to mine in the river for shark and dinosaur fossils.. tell me that isn’t neat. And it didn’t cost a thing!

So remember that Summer isn’t all about how much money you spend doing activities and going out, it’s simply about continuing what we learn at Christmas time, which is making sure the quality of our time is spent in quantity with those we love.

I wish for you all to continue enjoying the sunshine coming, and do a little research and see where it takes you.. hurry adventure awaits !

Much love,

Belle ❤️

This post is dedicated to all the hardworking parents out there, who make time for all of their loved ones especially their kids !

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