Belle’s countdown to summer : don’t be too busy

Hi everyone,

With Summer literally days away, I wanted to bring up a point that’s not just for my countdown, but for all days of the year. Making time! If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m analytical person. It’s one of my biggest attributes, personally and professionally. It allows me to see the world through the eyes of others, while still being able to figure things out as I want to do them. So my point for Summer, that we should all make habits of, all year round, is not being “too busy.” I can tell you that the older I get I hate that EXCUSE.I always laugh when loved ones tell me this.. me A MUM. I am a superhero, and yet I still make time and am patient with many people, yet those same people always have the too busy excuse..

I visited my local library the other day, yes these do exist lol, and ran into an old school mate of mine. In talking to her, she was almost embarrassed to say how she got rid of Facebook, but I was delighted that someone, even a bit younger than myself, actually was more fond of personal connections, rather than relying solely on sending a “hi” or “I’m sorry I was busy” text/email/snap/dm, you get the point right?

So This summer break the habits :Don’t make excuses, and make people important again, especially those who were always meant to be.

Today I simply wish for us all to stop making excuses and be present in the lives of those who should matter most to us.. it’s too sunny outside during the Summer to make an excuse.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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