Belle’s countdown to summer : REAL 👑 friends

Hi everyone,

As a person, especially one who’s a MUM, it’s imperative that I mention to you all how important REAL friends are. As you grow up you go through phases/ changes, yet none of them become truly meaningful until you become an adult, especially one who is a parent. For me, as both, it’s twice as significant to keep my true friends close, and those who aren’t behind me like the winter snow lol. Especially in Summer !

What does “Real Friend” mean ?

Well from person to person to person, that definition varies, and that is what makes every friendship, so genuine and special. Family, you can’t choose, so good or bad you’re stuck with them by blood ties, but the best things about having REAL friends IS they become apart of your family, that you choose and both parties can put the ground rules. 

Why we need REAL friends :

  • Not everyone is a real friend
  • Those real friends we have are blessings and true miracles
  • We need voices of reason when we have none
  • We need support when we want it and when we don’t
  • We need people who care for us that aren’t jealous or standoffish when we have good things going on
  • We want to make connections with other people who we can make memories with, who we know will never intentionally hurt us, forget us, sabotage us, or lie to us, even when the truth may not be the best news

Why should you cherish your real friends all the time especially in summer ? Life moves so fast and Summer begins to cut the end of the year. It’s a time for spending time with those you love not because it’s a holiday or an obligation, because it’s simply nice outside, or rainy, and you want to be with those you care for. You know you have real friends when you make grocery runs just as exciting as a trip to your favorite beach.

So all in all friends and Summer come hand in hand. Those that were there for moments will be memories you have forever, those who are gone will be remembered forever in our hearts especially over the summer, and those who are here are so appreciated, as they’re still here and we love them. Treat your friends as you treat yourself.

Today I wish for you all to re-evaluate the friends you have and don’t trade in old ones who care for new ones, simply cherish the friends who have ALWAYS been there. Life’s easy now, call someone tell them they’re a great friend !

I dedicate this post to all of the Real friends I have, especially my sister /BESTIE ❤️

I also dedicate this post to my friend Max who is no longer with us. You’ll be forever missed, and I wish you could’ve met my hubby and my Son. They would’ve loved you, but I’m sure you’re watching over all of us!

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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