Belle’s countdown to Summer : gone fishin’

🐡 My Real Fishing photo

Hi everyone,

So I’m not sure why this post didn’t post yesterday, BUT it’s here today. I’ve always loved fishing. Yet, I haven’t always been lucky enough to go as I wanted to growing up, but that’s the wonderful thing about being an adult, especially A Mum! When you’re older all those things you enjoyed that maybe no one took you to, or you weren’t always invited to, you can go freely, and you can take your kids.

So facts about fishing :

  • Thomas Barker in 1667 noted about fishing first
  • Fly fishing is the most ancient art of fishing noted as far back as BCE times
  • There are over 27,000 species of fish in bodies of water. Approximately 6,000 of those are in Australia!
  • China had the largest fishing industry to date
  • Fishing can can be a sport! Yup just like football
  • Catfish have more taste buds than we do! Haha
  • Most fish see in color
  • Jellyfish and starfish aren’t FISH
  • Before you go on your first or zillion things fishing adventure make sure you get your license !

Why I like fishing:

🐠My Real Fishing photo

    It’s relaxing
    You can catch your own food
    It’s a relaxing lol
    It’s an activity you can do with the family
    People who fish love to teach you about fishing
    It gets you outside
    You can fish at all times of day or night !

So today ladies and gents I wish for you all to find a relaxing minute for you and your family away from all chaos stress and all things negative. It doesn’t have to be fishing, naps are fine to! Lol

Have a wonderful day! Get some rest !🐟 My Real Fishing photo

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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