Belle’s countdown to summer presents : Movies AND Aladdin

Hi everyone,

Yes you guessed it, I saw Aladdin this weekend ! So before I give my take on it, ( no real spoilers promise) I’d like to tell you why I saw it, and how movies coincide with my summer countdown: First off, I had to see this, as it is one of my favorite movies of all time, from Disney !( beauty and the beast being my first, and then lion king and Aladdin tied at #2the original 90s films) I’m a huge fan of the 1990s. From Disney, to other movies, to music, to fashion, to toys, games, tv you name it, I love the 90s. Also I had to pay my respects to one of my favorite comedians of all times, Robin Williams, which is now replaced by Will Smith in this new Aladdin live action film, so I had to see this movie!

So why is it that Aladdin, especially this genie remake, can make this countdown to summer? Well a lot of people go to the movies in the summer. The beaches are amazing, and there’s so much to do outside, BUT summer IS really hot a lot of times, so this is an option, Especially for us Mums with younger kids, to have fun and get in some good old AC! Also a lot of theatres thankfully have discounts for summer especially for kids. So if it’s something you want to do as a treat to beat the heat, I highly recommend you go see something you really can’t wait for video to see. Everything’s on Netflix and Hulu in like a week lol.

So back to Aladdin. No spoilers because you guys should go see it, but here’s my take. I loved the music. I thought everyone in the movie had fun doing it, and it shows. It was an experience not just a film. It was like a live action Bollywood / Disney film. Which for me was great. My favorite big cat tiger Raja was amazing as always, and Will Smith’s genie was just as amazing as Robin Williams gene was, but he made the role his own. Aladdin was like if I picked him out of the movie and zoned him to life. Such a charming prince ALI lol. Overall Disney did well, so I wonder if Beyoncé will trump over Will as she plays Nala in the live action lion king which comes out next month! Disney keep it coming and please don’t mess up my child hood ! Haha

So take a break see a movie, it’s a great way to escape just about everything!

My wish for you all is to see a movie this week that takes you back to simpler times and makes your heart happy!

Much love,

(Disney Mummy Princess )Belle ❤️

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