I wish it would rain

Hi everyone,

I hope you had an awesome weekend ! Thank you for baring with me as I recovered from this past week. From being literally sick to bad news to repeat, it was a torturous week! Yet here I am, and here you are, and that is what matters!

This past week, I rediscovered the need for need. Yes silly as it sounds it’s so necessary. As a Mum, my needs changed as soon as I knew I was going to be one. Sometimes it was hard for others to understand this, as being a GOOD parent means you CHANGE. You change your lifestyle, thought process, priority list, and sometimes you just begin to morph into someone you don’t always recognize for the better.

I’m an oldies music fan, so there’s a song by the great Temptations called “I wish it would rain.” Now today is the perfect time to bring it up, as one it’s raining where I am, and two, sometimes life just rains so hard and heavy and on us, that the sun makes the day unbearable as all we want to do is lay in bed and sleep. Truth . Yet when this overload happens, how can we move forward? What I learned this week is knowing at those moments what I need most.

For me recently : I needed rest, I needed recovery, I needed to listen more and talk less, I needed to dance more, and lift my feet up, I needed to forget what didn’t matter, and realize what always does.


You can do it too. No life is perfect, no person is perfect, and though we parents try to be as close to perfection as possible, we are only human. So today let the rain pour and cleanse you’re life of pain, in whatever form hurts you or holds you back, and wait to see that rainbow as the sun is coming soon. ❤️

I wish for you all today, to just be OK, and know that is enough on days that are tough.

Much love,


💕dedicated to all the men and women serving the countries of the world for good

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