Forgiveness is for you

Hello everyone,

I hope you all have had your cups of tea! Tonight is going to be a brief talk about forgiveness. My son found an old paper that talked about forgiveness and moving forward. It was in a drawer no one goes in, and my son, being curious brought it to me. I truly believe this is and always will be an ongoing aspect of life, which is why we must know how to do it.

How to forgive :

Who are we forgiving ?

Well that depends on US.

How will we forgive?

We must do it completely no if’s ands or’s buts. Completely.

What will happen?

We will finally be able to let go of the baggage and move on.

As simple as this seems, it’s the hardest aspect of life besides acceptance, as most of the time we aren’t forgiving because we want to but we do it as we know it’s the only way to keep us moving forward.

So today, remind yourself it’s ok to have been hurt by those you once trusted and Or loved, it’s ok to have felt disappointed in yourself and others at moments… but YOU will not sulk. You will walk directly ahead of your last steps, and truly leave all hurt in the past. Hard to finalize but easy to do and easier to live after it. Just forgive.

May you all find the strength to forgive all that needs to be forgive, and set yourself free.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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