There’s ALWAYS Time for Tea ☕️

( real photo of mine )

Hi everyone,

As a young girl while most of my friends were obsessed with French culture ( which is pretty awesome), I was indulging in British History and culture. I was fascinated over England, and still am. Besides the Royal Family, customs, castles, and of course Big Ben, My IT factor was and is TEA.

I know most people are into coffee, but I have always been partial to TEA. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a perfectly crafted vanilla iced coffee whenever I can get my hands on one, but when it comes to TEA, I don’t think I’ve ever had one I didn’t like. When I was a young girl, I would have tea parties with my cousins in my backyard. We’d eat crackers, child appropriate desserts/fruit, and have pink lemonade. I loved a good tea party then and I still love a good one now.

It’s D E V I N E. Tea.☕️ it’s also not just for women, men can enjoy it to. Like coffee, Tea comes in endless flavors and forms. Tea is used for healing, relaxing, traditional / social settings, and can be homemade without caffeine.

History of Tea drinking:

    According to Chinese Legends, in 2737 BCE, a Chinese emperor discovered Tea
    Indian cultures share legends where an Indian saint who discovered Buddhism, was a main key in Tea
    In the 9th century a Buddhist monk introduced Japan to Tea
    Tea was brought West to Europe as trade made its demand intriguing and popular
    The British preferred COFFEE over TEA until about the 1600s
    In the 1850s Tea was becoming more popular in the Americas
  • 🍵 After water, around the world, people prefer to have TEA as their drink of choice. I am one of those people, and so is the queen of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  • Most popular teas around the world consist of :

    • Green
    • Black
    • Oolong

    Each strain of tea can be found in many of your imported or store counter favorites, as they each have wonderful health benefits, and some are even ok for children over the age of 6months to have in small dosages if doctor approved.

    So next time you see Alice in wonderland or someone at a coffee shop saying yes to TEA, if you’re not allergic you should try it. It’s so much better for you than most drinks out there. If you’re a parent, tea parties are great to have with children for play times, play dates, and social events like birthdays. If you’re like me, a boy mom, we’ll then you can still make child appropriate tea picnics. What child and or adult could pass up lemonade, goodies, and yummy small sandwiches that are homemade? With some good tea?

    (Real photo of mine )

    My favorite tea blend :

    Black tea

    Ceylán tea

    Twinnings brand teas – black and peppermint cheer

    Today I wish for you all to have your cup of life filled to the top not just half full.

    Much love,

    Belle ❤️

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