Admiration- people who inspire ME

Hello everyone and welcome to Friday! My bestie and I were having this conversation, that it seemed to take forever to get here lol. So why not end my blog week on a better note!

Today’s topic is Admiration. As people, and parents, we cannot say we came thus far alone. It’s impossible! Somewhere along the way we’ve had people in our lives show us the way, show us a better way, or encourage us to keep doing what we’re doing. So this morning, I want to give a little shout out to the people I love ( who drive me up the wall, at some point or another lol you know who you are ! Hahah) and the people I don’t personally know, who have gotten me this far.

Myself. Self I admire you for helping others, even when you can’t help yourself. Self, I admire you for waking up every morning problem solving to make a better life for those you love. Self, I admire your strength, it is irreplaceable. Self I admire your determination, your humor, and your beauty from within which shines out with a good red lipstick. Self, you are a rock 🎸 star.

Parents. I admire you for teaching me what family is supposed to be like, even when you both had no idea. Parents, I admire you for helping others in need always. Parents I admire your talents which others can say include: cooking, humor, dancing skills, personalizing occasions and gifts, and finding ways to figure things out. You guys made me, so some of what I got comes from the source lol

Best friend. I admire your journey. Not always easy, but you made I’m Possible a real thing. I admire your patience, you’re unconditional love for me and my family, and everyone you love. I admire your abilities to do math faster than most people I know, and your ability to empathize with everyone no matter who they are. If I can say anyone will be a great mother some day, one who is up to par with myself and the millions of other women who are as just as amazing, you will be on that list. Like me you are a rock star.

My husband. Hubby I admire your strength . Like mine it is solid. It is beyond your years. Hubby I admire your silence. You say a lot while saying nothing at all. I admire your parenting, as you love our son, and do what need be for him. I admire how you love and how good you are as a man. You never need praise. You don’t require to be MACHO or be ahead of me. We walk together. You are a light.

My son my everything. You like your father are a light. Star ⭐️ bright. I admire your strength which doesn’t always come from your parents it’s something within your spirit. I admire your brilliance, your humor, your every step, smile, and every breath you take. I admire how you make life and learning a playground and I know you’ll go so far in life. You are a shining star in a sea of darkness. You rise up, and you are my hero.

I admire my once boss now friend LG. I admire your business ethics, your fairness / good treatment of people. I admire how you are so positive even through terrible circumstances, and thanks to you, I was able to find a life that I love, as your advice is some of the best I’ve ever gotten.

Followers. I admire you all my followers. I admire how you take the time to take me seriously, and be here on this journey with me. I admire all of you parents or not, as you all are good people, influencing other good people. I admire your sincerity, and I admire that you all to take the time to make people aware that social media can be used for GOOD. You all are completely needed, and your blogs are as well.

Lastly, to all those children, and parents out there. I admire you. Those who are striving to be better people and families. I admire that you thrive on goodness and succeed through good pure intentions. You make the world a better place.

So today, don’t be silenced by your pride or your tiredness or any other EXCUSE we people make. Let people know how you admire them. I wish for you all to at some point text or call or make known to those you admire that you admire them and why.. the best compliment anyone can get is one that is heartfelt and true.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you all for helping me get here and appreciating the REAL me.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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