My Simple Go tos

Hi everyone,

Today I just want to keep it light and share some faves for you I’ve loved then and some I’ve loved then and now. I’m such a laid back person, and I could wear flip flops and sweats 8/10 times a week if I could… BUT , as an adult, a mom, and a businesswoman, I know that in life you have to look the part. No shame in that, as long as you’re not trying to look good for vein reasons. Just looking good to feel good about yourself and have people take you seriously.. So as requested : here are my go tos.

My favorite sunscreen.. I loved this since I was pregnant. It’s good for your kids to use to. Mines used it since he was 6 months.

Another of my go tos is this elf concealer. I’ve wasted hundred of dollars in the past trying new things for my dark circles. And Mummy Dark circles are not good at all! Luckily for me this works and I love it. And it’s only $5

After my concealer is on, this L’Oréal mascara is one I alway use. Use it by itself or with a lash primer. It stays on long and with the water proof one like I used, you won’t have to worry about your meltdowns or tough days wearing on your face. Moms all over get me when I say that lol

Now I’ve always said I have actress Julia Roberts 90s curls, so these next products work so great to clean hair, health-IFY it, and it’s good for men or women. You don’t have to have curly hair to use it.

My last make up go to is Pat McGrath’s brand of lipsticks. I love them, yes they’re expensive, but they’re so worth it!!! You gotta get at least one and you won’t be disappointed.

Now I couldn’t possibly put on one page every last go to I have, so I’m summing up my faves here. So last but not least here are my go tos and must haves top 10

    Aquaphor good for anything . From burns, to tattoo healings, from scrapes / bruises/ scratches and diaper rashes
    Vaseline – for healing skin, makeup remover, and Chappy lip healer For Mummy and baby
    Coconut oil– for cooking, makeup remover, hair conditioner, curl definer, skin moisturizer, and for those darn baby stretch marks. Also the only thing I used on my son until he was almost one. I don’t recommend using it in the heat or hot weather, as it’s an oil.
    Q-tips – good for adult ears and baby boogies
    Lavender– scented for good sleep and no bugs
    Soy candles – they’re the best when it comes to smell and long lasting
    Bath and body works foam soap– smells good, if it’s on sale it’s even better !
    Dove products – I love them all we all, my husband, son, and I used their shampoos, body wash, and lotions. They’re products are great.
    Agave lip scub and lip primer . Expensive but worth it
    tide simply and snuggles for washing clothes ! They smell great and are gentle for you to use for your kids after you’ve used the baby detergents

So my wish for you today is not to spend over your means or to spend money, it’s to spend time knowing what works for you and what helps you and your family today and everyday !

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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