Taking your time

Hi everyone,

Happy Wednesday ! I’m sorry I’ve missed a few days, I’ve been a bit under the weather and overwhelmed with life. During this time, however, it taught me that we just don’t get enough TIME, or make enough time to slow down, and do what we should do.

From birth we are expected to be … SO much. We must learn so much and that doesn’t stop the older we get, it just gets more complicated. So how do we slow down? If you’re like me and could really use a break, I’m going to tell you how to rest.

Listen to your body

Laugh a lot



Don’t be prideful and ask for help

Those are my go tos when I need a break. When you’re sleep deprived, exhausted from life, but want to enjoy life more, just laugh. Seek positivity in people, your life, yourSELF, and your dreams. Jason Mraz sings about how life’s a vacation and there’s nothing to run away from when you’re enjoying it, and that’s nothing but the truth.

So today, let’s all take 5 … seconds, minutes, hours, etc whatever you need to feel refreshed! The point is to take TIME; your time. It’s ok to SLOW down and go Yellow and leave the green for another day.

Today my wish for you all is to be ok with slowing down when you need to. It doesn’t mean you’re not capable, it means you’re able to relax.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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