Unexpectedly wonderful

Hi everyone,

Tonight I want to just simply remind you of how wonderful the unexpected really is. Sometimes we bask ourselves into the areas of our life that are unplanned / incomplete that we forget to just soak in the surprises that life gives us.

For me, being a Mum was unexpected as I never thought I’d let go of control and open my life to being unconditionally selfless. Everyday. Yet it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Other things that have been unexpected are random acts of kindness I’ve received over the years, to the random drives that ended up nowhere close to the planned destination. They ended somewhere even better!

That is why the unexpected is so wonderfully intriguing, because we as humans are creatures of habit yet we enjoy the elements of a good surprise. Feeling rejuvenation in the unexpected is what we all need.

So tonight instead of just creating the lists in your head for tomorrow, turn left (figuratively speaking) and see where the night takes you. For parents , once your children go to bed save some of the chores for tomorrow and just be. Whether life is wonderfully unexpected to you or you to it, enjoy it.

Tonight I wish for you all to continue to give your hearts to good people and good causes and accept thankfully, humbly, and excitedly the blessings that come and will continue to come in your lives.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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