Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Spring break week for those who had one! For the rest of us, I’m hoping you all had a great week regardless. Being with my family this past week, really taught me so much more than I already know. I learned a lot more about people, their habits, myself, and how each of us really is connected more than we think.

In today’s piece, all of my pictures will be from my adventures this past week, and all of them will include my own quotes/sayings, that I wanted to share. So let’s begin the week and talk about PRIDE.

There aren’t enough times in our lives when people give us enough opportunity to take pride in ourselves, our experiences, our families, and our intentions. I realized that the hard way and the more sympathetic way this week. For those of you who know me, you know I’m more empathetic than sympathetic so that was something to learn. When people say Life is hard, I say PEOPLE are difficult. As a Mum, I’m more in tuned to so much more than I was before, even within my own family and circle of friends. I’m even more in tuned to other Mums and how they do things, and either wish I could give my advice to them or actually do it. Life is wonderful but again, PEOPLE make it difficult.

So why care ? Well, even those who hurt you, misunderstand you, or make you feel inferior they all have something to teach you. In everyone else’s mistakes, you learn how to own up to your own, stay away from what doesn’t make you happy, stand up for yourself, and most importantly take Pride in you. Just because you aren’t where you would like to be in your own life, doesn’t mean you aren’t somewhere worth traveling. Every day is a baby step, and for us Mums those steps are small lol, so why do we feel the need to compete with others or live up to them? If we’re all racing to beat time, time catches up with us anyway, so do we really want to beat it?

At the end of the day my loves, I want to extend to you a welcoming hand, a virtual hug, and a pat on the back. No matter who takes your shine, who has what you want right now, just take PRIDE in you that’s here NOW. Don’t let others make you feel as if your life simple or complicated isn’t as good as it is. It’s frankly quite amazing. If you can find the beauty in yourself, and take pride in that, well then you’ve already won the race.

My wish for you all is to take Pride in you, and all that includes you.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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