Happy E A S T E R- Who laid the egg?

Hi everyone,

Now you all know I don’t usually post on the weekend, but Easter is tomorrow, so I cannot miss it ! Today technically is my Easter as we celebrate Sábado de Gloria. Or glorious Saturday. So today is just a fun, lighthearted post about Easter, and how just some of the world celebrates. I couldn’t type everything there’s so much, so I pin pointed a few cool facts that caught my eye. I hope you all enjoy the holiday with your family and friends, along with the read.

The Easter BUNNY 🐰 or the chick 🐣?

I saw BOTH.

Since rabbits have a lot of babies born during spring, they were used to represent new life. The Legend says that The Easter Bunny lays eggs ( silly ) and then decorates them and hides them for each of us. If you find them then that means that you are given new life yourself.

Facts about Easter :

  • It is the oldest Christian holiday celebrated
  • Easter gets its name from the Anglo Saxon goddess Eastre meaning hare and the egg.
  • Eggs in general are usually a symbol of fertility and new life
  • Germany originated the Easter bunny giving candies and eggs to children
  • In 1680 the first book about the Easter bunny was published
  • The tallest Easter egg chocolate was made in Italy in 2011 it stood at 10.39 meters ! YUM
  • Easter egg decorating originated from Ukraine, using an art called pysanka

Ways some people celebrate Easter around the world:

  • In America Easter is a time for church services, egg hunts, and baskets full of candy and other goodies.
  • In Poland the tradition is for a lamb to be homemade out of butter for guests to eat during theirs dinners.
  • In Denmark kids get to go basically trick or treat again. They go house to house getting candy BUT must in return give the candy giver a piece of homemade artwork. That’s a pretty awesome tradition.
  • Norway’s tradition is really unique to. They actually have murder mystery time! Whether it’s a book, dinner, or show. It’s tradition to figure out the WHO DONE IT. Let’s just hope it’s not about the Easter bunny !😱
  • In France during services for Holy Week church bells are heard loudly, however there’s a legend that says during Easter time the bells aren’t heard as they grew wings to fly to Rome to be blessed by the Pope and return home to France without being caught.
  • In India there are street carnivals held for Easter and people exchange colorful lanterns chocolates and flowers 💐
  • In Florence, Italy the almost 400 year old tradition “Scoppio del carro ” cart of fireworks is the event to be at! It’s like a New Year’s Eve for Easter
  • In Germany Easter is celebrated in many ways. Yet one of my favorite traditions of theirs is the Osterbaum . It is a tree that you decorate with Easter eggs. Like Christmas trees have ornaments. Now you all know I LOVE me some Christmas, so this is why this tradition is a personal favorite.

No matter how you celebrate Easter no matter where you are or what you like to do, just remember the light of truth, and the ways of a pure heart. That is my Easter wish for you all. May you all be blessed and have a wonderful holiday !I will be back April 29, so enjoy your days and see you soon!

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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