The Power of Lent – Notre Dame

Hello Everyone,

As I’m sure you all have heard by now, Parisians have been mourning over the horrific fire that took place, at the cathedral, Notre Dame, only a few days ago.

Facts about Notre Dame:

  • It is a 12th century Gothic Cathedral
  • The cathedral is the most visited monument in France
  • The bells of the church have a life of their own and have only been replaced a few times since the creation of the cathedral
  • The cathedral kept a replica of Jesus’ crown of thorns used to remind us about his sacrifice remembered on Good Friday

During such a time of sadness, reflection, and feelings of uncertainty, I wanted to bring us to:

A. Ask for you all to keep those who are suffering due to this tragic event in your thoughts and prayers

B. To remind you that even the strongest sturdiest most sacred places can fall, but will be rebuilt STRONGER

C. To remind you that nothing is forever

That being said, I want you all to use this time to:

A. Always take time to send your good vibes and prayers to yourself, your loved ones, and to all those around the world , not just in tragic times

B. Remember that in our failures, suffering, and downfall like the church, we too can rebuild and become stronger

C. Although nothing is forever, in concrete terms, our love will live on, our legacy will live on, and if we are good to others, we will be talked about forever .

Wishing you all a day to remember how wonderful each of you are !

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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