The Power of Lent- Game of Thrones :Literally

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to bring awareness to how power can control your life in a not so successful way. As you all could tell by yesterday’s post, I am one of the BIGGEST GAME OF THRONES fans, so to tie the title in with Lent Just is superb for me. My show, with no spoilers don’t worry, is all about who claims the iron throne out of the seven kingdoms. Now fast forward into today’s world, seven continents later, everyone’s still fighting for power. I mean even preschoolers have to do interviews just to “maybe” get in to preschools.. CRAZY!

So as a parent and person, I’m here to remind you to let go of trying to gain as the Genie in Aladdin says ” Ultimate Power…” as you have (another Aladdin reference) “little living space” when you risk yourself to gain complete control. So to be even clearer, having too much control makes a person, unable to be a full person. If all we want is to be on TOP, what happens when we get there? If all we do in life is waste time stepping over ourselves and others, will we know what are dreams really are? Now I’m not saying not to work hard, or to dream, or be a BOSS, I’m just saying don’t get caught up in just wanting POWER; don’t get caught up with the caught up. It actually will make you powerless.

For me, it wasn’t until I lost everything, that I realized I had so much more than I ever could have imagined. #Truth. Now if I had only rose so quickly to the top without work, suffering, or a journey, I wouldn’t be here telling you all there are so many ways to celebrate life not just one.Ignorant people want you to believe you’re alone you have to do everything alone but truth is we all need one another.

Although many of us at times, have, will, or will constantly seek power, make sure you know what that entails. Why you are seeking power in the first place. If it means forgetting who you are, then maybe it’s not as good as it seems. No one wants to be on top and ALONE. So don’t seek the iron throne, never use an iron fist, and most importantly, always seek #truth in all you do.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

I dedicate this blog post to my three baby dragons : my son, my angel, my fur baby, my hubby: the Drogo to my Khaleesi; along with the most amazing cast I’ve ever known of tv: #GOT after this season is over I don’t know what I’ll do with myself 😭

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