From a mother’s perspective : How to feel ahead when you feel left behind in life

Hi everyone,

Today I want to end our week of “from a mother’s perspective,” with discussing how to love your life no matter where you are in it. As people, parents, spouses, and just as human beings, at points in life feel left behind.

You know those times when you want something and someone else has it, but your happy for them, yet at the same time wish you could be there too? Yes that happens to us all. It doesn’t mean you are jealous of others or their current situations, it just means you want to be there. Or you want to have that to. If you’re human, you know what I mean.

So how do we get to feeling like we’re ahead , when we feel last on the list? Compare yourself to your younger self. Don’t compare yourself to someone else.. I am guilty of forgetting this, and when I forget it, it kinda sucks. Then I remember I’m only comparing my life to my life and then life is beautiful again.

As people we have this idea of where we are supposed to be, but what if we are exactly where we need to be ? Not everything is a contest, especially when it comes to life. We aren’t winning life, we are learning life. HUGE difference.

One of my favorite people in the celebrity world, who is an example of how not being number can make you number one, is Trevor Noah. He grew up in South Africa during Apartheid, and survived it, and now is a well know comedian, talk show host, and best selling author among other things.

One example from his book, which tells about his life, gives an example of his mother having to throw him out of a moving vehicle just to save his life … imagine how left behind he felt ? Or how his life seemed to end when it had only just begun? Yet he is now well known around the world !

We can do the same ! It all starts with thinking of you, and then acknowledging the Y O U now, not worrying or being anxious about the Y O U, you have yet to know.

I wish for you all weekend filled with reminders that you are further ahead than you think.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

2 thoughts on “From a mother’s perspective : How to feel ahead when you feel left behind in life”

  1. Thank you so much for my being able to read this post today! It was the word of cheer that I needed to hear. Yes, “from a mother’s perspective” DOES change everything of how some of us may look at Life. Your insight blessed me today. May you continue to be blessed as well. Timothy.

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