From a Mother’s Perspective: Blogging

Hi Y’all!

Thanks again for bearing with me, as I have recently been posting later than I would like to. It comes with the territory of -motherhood and life lol -today’s post is about blogging. I am fairly new to this adventure still, but so far, I have enjoyed the ride, and I thank you all for reminding me I am right where I need to me.

My mother is a writer. She wrote about everything, and her stories often made you think or go 😮! That’s how Great she is at it. She used to create her stories on her typewriter ( yes she had one and yes I used it to! Am I showing my age again? Haha) and then read them to me, gave them as gifts, or kept them locked away for her portfolio. She wrote poetry to. It was then that I knew I loved words.

The second writer I met was as an eight year old, in the school library. I picked up my first Charles Dickens book and viola I was hooked! Next I fell in love with love so I read Voltaire, Shakespeare, and the good old Edgar Allen Poe. As I grew older I was fascinated with journalists, writers, newspaper articles, and how everyone’s way with words was unique to them. So I wrote. I wrote for my school newspaper, I wrote for the county newspaper, I wrote music, I wrote poetry, and I wrote stories like my mom did. I won many awards for my writing in the past, but compared to those who intrigued my fascination with words in the first place, I didn’t think I was that great, but here I am..

Fast forward to September 2018. After almost 6 months of deciding if this was for me, I made my first go at it, and as long as I have words to say, positivity to spread, and advice to give, I want to stay !

Here’s what I learned about blogging :

  • The term blog wasn’t fully recognized until the 1990s
  • One of the first blogs, was a website that contained jokes
  • In 1999 journalists, like us, actually started online diaries as what we know as our modern day blog
  • Political blogs began their debuts in the early 2000s and a lot of them are still active today
  • Since 2004 bloggers have become a significant part of the media, and continue to be

How did what I learn shape what I wanted to do ?

  • I learned how much words can change the world
  • I wanted to create my waves of positivity in a world that isn’t always so nice
  • I wanted to create a safe space for my writing and for my followers
  • I wanted to learn and read ( I’m a 🤓 GEEK I love to learn )
  • I wanted to make something my loved ones, especially my son would be proud of

What I don’t like about blogging:

  • Bloggers and peers who aren’t kind
  • Bloggers and peers that aren’t supportive
  • Bloggers or peers who’ve become so world wide and forget how they became so grand
  • Scammers
  • Spam
  • Junk – everything
  • That I don’t have enough time in one day to write down all my ideas

What I love about blogging :

  • Being able to tell the truth
  • Being able to share my truths
  • Being able to influence so many people in such a short time
  • Learning from those who blog and are readers / peers
  • Being able to spread good vibes
  • Having a hobby that is fun, helps me to think, and reminds me that your dreams are at your fingertips
  • So for all of you who are here, thank you for taking this journey with me. For those of you who blog as well, I’m so honored you’re here, and I wish you all the best in your ventures
  • My advice and wishes for you all today is to follow your heart, and catch your dreams no matter how big or small, as every dream matters!

    Much love,


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