From a mother’s perspective : Presenting The A*Hole

Hi everyone,

How was your weekend ? Im so sorry I missed a day with you all, BUT I’m so excited to see I have new followers.. and my faithful ones still here! Thank you all! I 💛💚❤️YOU.

This weekend was wonderful for me. I was able to breathe fresh air, and just be with my babies and hubby. Simplicity.

See I was the type of girl who grew up in a life where everything had to be presented in a Home magazine type of way. For parties, gatherings, outings, and everyday life there had to specifics of everything and how everything was supposed to be! Even for household chores there had to be things done on a certain day at a certain time, and it wasn’t until I had my own family that I realized that doesn’t all matter ALL THE TIME.. think of all the inventors, philosophers, creative and intelligent minds alike who danced to their own beat ? Those people who stood out not strived to FIT in all the time.. Life is more than structure! When you break it down from all the crap it’s pretty simple ! Parents see a lot more poop 💩 realistically than most hahah

Now that I am wiser and older ( I’m ok with aging) but not grayer yet 😝, I have realized that my way of thinking makes me an A*HOLE to some people, even those who know me. No matter how nice I am, how hard I tried or try, I know that in my own life, I can’t please everyone and that’s ok! It should be the same for you. So if that makes me an A*Hole, I’m ok with it. Lol

I’m sharing this with you to remind you all that as adults and as parents were entitled to our opinions, entitled to say NO, entitled to think for our families, entitled to love, live our truths, and heck we are entitled to fight for our God given rights, which include PEACE OF MIND/BODY&SOUL.

Eleanor Roosevelt said this and it’s so true.. and if this makes me and or Us the A*Holes, maybe we should create iron on stickers for our shirts we can wear everyday. Lol YOUR life has to start with Y O U, so don’t let anyone shame you for how Y O U live, especially if you’re not doing wrong to anyone.

I wish for all of you to remember for always that you’re doing the best you can, even when others make you feel beneath them, don’t acknowledge it, go against you, or don’t support you, and you’re not an A*Hole just A Whole Person!

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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