Yes I can

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! Sorry for being absent yesterday. The day flew away from me .. I want to end this week by saying YES YOU, and me CAN ! There are so many times we say we CAN’T that we realize we are our own captors. Instead of saying NO to what we’re not sure we’re incapable of, let’s say YES I CAN. And if you don’t like what you tried at least you did it.

Yes is derived from Old English Gese meaning “so be it,” and isn’t that what we want to believe ? To BE powerful, to BE strong, to BE (insert here). So today simply say YES and shrug off your own negative thoughts of yourself. You’re wonderful, and you only have a short time on this earth to continue to be.

Even though we’re not children, and those surrounding us that we know or don’t, aren’t always encouraging us to say Yes to ourselves, YES to our capabilities, and YES TO where we see ourselves, all we need to do is look at our reflections and say it to ourselves, you’re never to old to have a Dream.

I wish for you all today to remember yourself !

Have a marvelous weekend !

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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