I don’t know

Good morning everyone,

I want to discuss with you ALL today, how not knowing is OK👌 . We aren’t created to know all the answers, yet why do we put so much pressure on ourselves and others just to.. I learned that as 100% true this morning. There’s something so scary about the unknown, but something so intriguing and beautiful as well. So instead of fearing, arguing, and stressing ourselves out about the confusion we often create, let’s all just be ok with the present moments not just the whole present.

When someone asks you how you are feeling, what you are thinking, or where you want to be in life, your relationship status, what your parenting style is, and all the other questions that people ask people, it’s MORE THAN OK to not know, and admit that.

Before this morning I used to think it wasn’t ok to not know, but now with a head full of confusion of what the unknown is, I respect that sometimes people just DONT know, and it’s ok to be one of them. For me not every lesson has been learned so today I learned a new one. One I wanted to share. One that is often forgotten, because we are all pressured and pressure ourselves and others to KNOW what we don’t, or haven’t learned yet.

So today when someone isn’t sure, or if you yourself aren’t sure of the answers sometimes it’s ok to just run with that and not overthink, overreact, or over research to find an answer. By doing that you actually can FEEL what you are supposed to do and FIND where you are supposed to go, sometimes almost instantly. Feeling is so much more invigorating than plain thinking and racking your brain. Trying to hard to figure it all out especially all at once, just makes life negative. Who wants to stay stuck in that mess? Not me.. not me. We’re all learning. Give yourself a break and cut some slack for those good people you love.

Today remind yourself we all bare a cross, but we don’t bare it alone. It’s ok to be just OK and it’s OK be OK with not being sure.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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