Hi everyone,

Happy Tuesday! Today I want to talk about MEN. You know when most people read the title of this post, they might assume coming from a woman, that I’d be men bashing here, but I want to do the exact opposite. Today I want to shed light on the goodness of MEN.

From the beginning of time MEN have been said to be non emotional, non caring, irresponsible, and so many other things. Now while that might be true in some cases, women can be those negative things to. I’ve had many experiences knowing good Men in my life, so this is for all of you I knew, know, and don’t know but believe you’re out there!

Let’s give it up for the Men who are single dads doing amazing ! The men whose women have wronged them or widowed them or wanted nothing to do with the children they had. Let’s give it up for the Men who are Dad’s not just biological fathers. The ones who bust their butts to provide everything for their families sometimes forgetting themselves. Let’s give it up for the Men making positive changes in the world, who are faithful to their partners, good citizens, good Christians, and overall powerful by being kind! YES I have known you, I know you, and I know there are so many more of you.

As a woman, I know men can get a bad wrap. Having a son, I know that even more. The saying “boys will be boys” or that boys can do this or not do this. So many double standards in our world.. and not all of those ridiculous ideas are MAN made.. If You are a Man who is a good human being, today is for you. If you are not a man, but know good men, make sure today they know they are appreciated !

From a woman’s perspective we don’t need men to just reproduce or lift things we can’t, we need men to remind us that Jesus was a man -human and that we always need more than one perspective to continue making positive change.

Today I thank all the Men who are doing God’s will, doing right, and striving to be beyond their stereotype. Everyone is flawed but flaws aren’t evil evil is evil. God bless you all. You’re all important !

I dedicate this post to the most Amazing men I know :

My son

My husband

My dad

My father in law

My Uncle M

All the friends of mine who you know who you are !

Much love,


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