Home is where your Heart is 💕

Hi everyone,

I hope your weekend was fabulous ! Mine was pretty awesome. My family, myself, my sister, and my fur baby all went to the beach! Now I didn’t think we’d make it there until late April, but we made it there on March 30! For our location well that’s almost unheard of, so it was AMAZING ! There’s also this new Snow ball treats place near us, and I had the most phenomenal snow cone I’ve ever had thanks to my hubby who finds the most unique places to go, and the tastiest treats to try.

As the weekend progressed I let out a good cry. I know women are known for being emotional, but I have less of that, especially as I get older. I have to be REALLY sad or REALLY happy to cry. There’s no in between. For example, before yesterday I hadn’t let out a good cry like that since the beginning of January. So why was I crying? Well, the last time I was with my fur baby and my husband at the beach was after my daughter passed away. The second reason is that while I realized that, I started to think about what HOME really means to me.

I used to believe that HOME was just a place. Now don’t get me wrong, that is in most cases true, but I tend to think outside the box. My adult idea of HOME is a lot different. Home for me, is anywhere. HOME is where those you love are, and most importantly HOME is where you feel you belong. That is HOME to me. Being at the beach reminded me of this, as often we ( myself included) can get caught up in what we want, what we think we deserve, and how we think life should be. We should instead, ( myself included )appreciate what we have, know we’ll get where we need to go, and if we’re not happy, try to find more reasons why we should be.

For myself, I am a determined, analytical, realist, who can get quite caught up in wanting MORE. Especially for my family when it comes to HOME. 15 year old me would tell you, by the time I was 22 I’d have a mansion, 6 kids, have traveled half the world, and would have found the love of her life. Luckily for me, my husband is the love of my life. However, I don’t have 6 kids, I haven’t traveled as much as I would like, and I do not own an island of my own. Though I’m glad about the island part, as that would be a lot of maintenance; I rather travel. So when I want more I remember what I need, and ask myself if I have it.. Safe place to rest my head (aka room) check, do I have my family safely with me check, do I have enough water to hydrate and cleanse me check, do I have food on the table for my family check, and do I feel at home wherever my family is ? Check-jackpot!

Not everyone gets to feel at home or has what they need, so when life drags us to moments of feeling inadequate we need to remember we are luckier than most…So I leave you all with a few poems I favor about HOME, along with reminding you that no matter where you are, you are supposed to be there, and the next steps will show themselves to you if you’re willing and patient. (Patience isn’t my strong suit but I’m getting better at that daily) While you’re traveling this immense journey to find your HOME, enjoy the ride.

John Clare- HOME
“Muses no more what ere ye be
In fancys pleasures roam
But sing (by truth inspir’d) wi’ me
The pleasures of a home
Nor vain extreems I sigh for here
No Lordlings costly dome
‘Be thine the choice’ says reason ‘where
‘Contentment crowns a home’
O! fate to give my bosom peace
Unsettl’d as I roam
To bid my restless wanderings cease
& fix me in a home
A evening cot days toils to cheer
When tir’d I ceas’d to roam
& lovley Ema smileing near
O happy happy home
How oft the tramping Vagrant sighs
(By fate ordain’d to roam)
For labours best & happiest joys
The comforts of a home
& O when labour night descries
When ceas’d to toil & roam
What joys will in his bosom rise
To think he owns a home”
Emily Dickinson – The props assist the house
The Props assist the House
Until the House is built
And then the Props withdraw
And adequate, erect,
The House support itself
And cease to recollect
The Augur and the Carpenter –
Just such a retrospect
Hath the perfected Life –
A Past of Plank and Nail
And slowness – then the scaffolds drop
Affirming it a Soul –

I wish for you all today to find your HOME.

Peace ✌️ & Love 💕

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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