What I’ve learned – Turn your Weaknesses/ Fears into Strength.

Hi everyone !

Hey Friday, we made it ! Lol I hope today finds you all well. So this week you’ve learned from me, that I’ve learned throughout my life that

  1. Youth- Are what makes the world continue to go ’round.
  2. People change and so do WE.
  3. We have Human Rights and need to protect those rights and invoke them when wrongly persecuted
  4. We need to uplift ourselves in order to move forward and uplift others

Now I’ve learned a lot more than I can share in five days, but these are the most impressive lessons I’ve learned, over time. My last lesson I’ve learned that I’d like to share is, to turn your Fears Weaknesses and build them into STRENGTHS. Ladies and gents life can be a picnic or a food fight, and sometimes those options are choices we have, or circumstances we cannot control, but either way we can learn from what hinders us; I know I surely have.

My Long ago Fears/ Weaknesses:

  • I used to be afraid of getting married because of how I saw marriages end up
  • I used to allow people’s opinions of me to really drag me down
  • Being told I couldn’t do things because someone who texted and was driving, that made me get into a major car accident the week before college
  • I used to love a good spilling of tea, and by TEA I don’t mean my cranberry orange.
  • I used to be deathly afraid of heights to the extent I hated anything above ground
  • I used to be afraid of so many things

How I changed them:

  • I took my time and married someone I love and trust
  • When people hurt me I pray for them
  • I went to physical therapy for a year and I learned how to be stronger with pain, which taught me how to have compassion for those who suffer from chronic pain or ailments, even if those same people don’t have compassion for me, as “younger people ” are supposedly healthy 💯 percent
  • I learned to stray away from gossipers and telling gossip as people are entitled to their privacy and not everything in life needs to be scrutinized
  • I went to the Grand Canyon, the Space Needle in Seattle, climbed one of the worlds largest mountains, went on a bridge that was made of rope over lakes, and I’ve ridden on the most dangerous rollercoasters for my time
  • I became a mom and NOW I’m a lioness in life more than I’ve ever been

So in short, weakness is a necessity to learning, as learning leads to wisdom, wisdom leads to growth, and with growth comes many great opportunities, as you’re ready as a person, to take a chance.

Don’t let fear control you, and don’t create a weaker you by being impatient with yourself. Take your time, and you’ll get wherever you need to go.

Have a amazing weekend.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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