What I’ve learned – Uplift Yourself.

Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about uplifting ourselves today. As a younger single person it’s so easy to do. You don’t have to worry about any one else but you, for the most part and you have SO much TIME. Fast forward you’re an adult, hopefully wiser & more responsible than before, and then fast forward more time.. Where are YOU?

I’ve re-evaluated my life plenty of times and besides making better financial decisions, the one thing that can drag me down, is forgetting ME. Not who I am, but how I need to take care of ME. No one can do that better for me, than me. Simple as it is, it’s so true to take care of yourself and make yourself feel good. Sometimes that’s watching a favorite feel good movie, involving yourself in an activity, writing, or a new hairstyle.

For me it’s watching a good horror movie popcorn in hand, letting my hair down, going to the beach, writing, really laughing, swimming, singing, cooking, or walking when it’s 68 degrees. Those are my happy places that I can share with my family but are for ME. Whatever it is that takes you to a happier place, make sure you do that or go there as often as you can. Know and feel and tell yourself you’re AWESOME.

Don’t expect others to uplift you.. If you do you’ll be waiting around forever, or become someone who only cares what others think. I sometimes get caught up in thinking others think and feel like I do, and that just leads to disappointment. That’s not healthy. We are our biggest critics. We can be our worst enemies. So let’s not ! Easy . Hard to be continuously good to ourselves, but trying is the first step.

How to uplift yourself , here’s a link I love , especially the Lemons part: when life gives you lemons 🍋 hahaha SMELL THEM.


These aren’t the only ways to do it; I wanted to give you all a few examples. No way is perfect, you just have to find your way.

So today, make sure you at some point take care of YOU. The weight of others, their opinions, their problems, even those issues of the world can weigh on us all. Today let’s forget them and remember ourselves.

I wish for you all today to be uplifted.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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