What I’ve learned – You have rights !

Hi everyone,

Today I want to remind you all of something I’ve learned later in life, that I wish I learned earlier on.. YOU all have rights. No matter how young or how old, Human rights, you were born with. Some of these rights include: rights to question, rights to your words, rights to your person, rights to your things, rights to so much more than you can imagine. You have human rights !

As a child I never really knew what my rights were. As a teen I hardly knew, and it wasn’t until I was an adult, and had many unfortunate experiences, that I knew what my rights actually were. Now that I know, I cannot fathom how I didn’t know that before; it was never really taught to me. So I want to share with you all, how important it is to protect yourself in every way, and how we must all make sure our loved ones know the same..

In 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was solidified by the United Nations. For copyright purposes, I give you the UN official link, which states all of them. Please read them:


These are just few of our God given and UN approved rights as humans, yet why does society feel so inhumane ? I learned that POWER is the root to evil when it comes to our rights, and I hope someday it’ll stop. Since the beginning of time, mankind has inflicted suffering on one another, and in our current times, it is still the same. People in high positions and even our family, friends, peers, elders, etc, can often make us feel inadequate or make it seem taboo for us to ask even a simple question, that could be life changing for us.. Power isn’t for just one type of person, it isn’t for one person to hold on another, as a matter of fact it isn’t for people, it’s for the greater good.

I could spend all day telling you all story after story of how I invoked my rights, and or how I helped others research their rights, but there isn’t enough template space for that. However, there is more than enough room, to encourage you all to know your rights. I mean REALLY know them. Each country has laws, and in each country each city has various rules to abide by, and along with those rules are rights we all have. Sadly enough, in our world today, not everyone can invoke their rights without ridicule or consequence. So for those of us who can, let’s continue to defend our rights; we can start by being kind to one another.

So no matter if you’re questioning a new treatment your doctor is giving you, a new role you must abide by, or want to marry the person you love, along with many other examples, you have rights. I cannot stress that enough, as I’d like to dream I’d get to see a world where we are all truly equal, and our rights are fully protected, and we are respected. So if you feel persecuted or mistreated look to your God given rights, look to God, and let him set you free from injustices.

I wish for all of your rights to always help you throughout your life .

This blog post is dedicated to those who believe in the true meaning of life without greed for power.

Much love,


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