What I’ve learned – PEOPLE change and so do YOU!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Tuesday ! Today’s topic is personal to me and also relevant to my professional line of work, as I’ve conducted many psychological studies to prove this statement true; People change and so do you!

Throughout my life, I’ve made many friends and met many people. Even when it came to dating ( before my husband) I never really had a type. Now I can say, I have over time, decreased the numbers and kept the quality of people in my life. I currently have, The best husband in the world , two GENUINE female friends, two male friends, one IRREPLACEABLE AMAZING SIMPLY FABULOUS best friend, and I still know a lot of people. I just closed my inner circle ⭕️.

I’ve always been able to make connections with people, from a young age, as I consider myself to be an empathetic person who doesn’t have tunnel vision when it comes to people and why they are the way they are. I’ve used my WIT, my intelligence, my politeness, my honesty, and my humor to engage those around me, and it usually works out pretty well. Most people find it hard to talk to people or relate to people, but I’ve always known that you can relate to anyone! Everyone you meet even the ones you don’t want to keep around down the road, all have something in common with you.

  1. We are all God’s children ( yes I struggle with this too, knowing how people are capable of horrendous and heinous acts and or crimes !)
  2. We are all people
  3. We all bleed the same color blood
  4. We all feel
  5. We all have the free will to make choices

See? That’s already five things you have in common with a stranger.

As younger versions of ourselves we always try to “FIT” in. Then as you get wiser and older, you realize you only want to “FIT” if it’s right. As I mentioned earlier, I was always surrounded by an entourage of people. I was never a mean girl, I was just always the girl with a sense of humor like Tina Faye. I also was always the girl who didn’t mind advocating for causes that brought good to the world.. now as that GIRL, people connected with me, because I was fearless.. As the woman I became, those same people hurt me, forgot me, changed on me, and didn’t respect my beliefs, as I was not longer just fearless, I was a God fearing woman. Fearing not opinions of people who didn’t matter, but fearing of what God would think of me.. I became a God centered person, and I was and always am a sorry human being for any hurt my brashness and adolescence brought me to cause anyone who really cared for me.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized that as much as we want to despise people for hurting us and being different, we just have to accept that. We have to know, that we all change. So what we think about others, know there are people who think the same about you. No one can conclude exactly what causes those changes; some are bad some are good; some are milestones of life and desperately needed, yet in the end we ALL change. I used to be THE person before I had kids to always say I Never changed.. then I realized wow I’m completely different than I used to be. For me, I’m good with that. Person, woman, parent.

How I was VS. Me Now

How I was :

  • Fearful of what others thought of me
  • Wanting to have friends who want to go out
  • Not saying NO when I really wanted to
  • Questioning God too much
  • Not praying enough
  • Being too much apart of the secular world
  • Not telling people I loved that I loved them often
  • Not doing what I wanted to do
  • Not taking enough time to relax
  • Not spiritually recharging and cleansing
  • Not appreciating the little things as I should have
  • I made mistakes

Me now :

  • Don’t care if others have opinions of me as I know who I am and that’s s good person
  • I now know that with friends quality exceeds quantity and my friends and I we still go out and have unforgettable times
  • I say NO a lot now not to be mean but to be myself and make my own decisions
  • I have a great relationship with God and my faith
  • I know that it’s better to do good and be low key than to spend money making reckless decisions
  • I tell those I love I love them without thought
  • I’m Never bullied or convinced or guilted to do anything I don’t want to do
  • I relax more than I ever did
  • I recharge spiritually when I need to
  • I appreciate everything from the sound of the running water to the warmth of sunshine to the breathes my family takes
  • I’ve learned from my mistakes

With all this being said, we all change, and we will continue to until we are no longer. Let’s embrace our changes, and let’s not involve ourselves in the changes of others. If they don’t fit into who we’ve become it’s ok to say goodbye.. if they’re willing to grow for the right reasons with us not for us, then hold hands and walk forward together, with whomever that may be.

I wish you all to know yourselves and realize that change is ongoing, and when it’s dark we can find light and when it’s light we can live truth.

Love you all!

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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