What I’ve learned – Youth

Hi everyone,

I hope your weekend was as amazing as you are! Ours was filled with a lot of wind, but sunny skies. The sun makes me happy, as long as I’m not a melting snowman! So let’s begin…

Thank you all again for joining me. This week I want to share with you all what I’ve learned through your my life. Today we start with ” YOUTH.” Growing up, I was raised old school, in the way that you respect your elders, especially when you’re not an adult. Now as my own woman, and an adult, (old but not quite that old) I still believe this to be true, but only to an extent.Here’s why: My generation was one of the first to question Adults. Something that children were often frowned upon doing, but we did it anyway. If we believed in it, we didn’t take NO for an answer, and if it was wrong, we sought out ways to make it right. That is what I love most about young people, their courage. Where adults, myself included, can sometimes overthink decisions, overthink on how to fix a problem, don’t enjoy life enough, young people jump to the challenge. That is courageous isn’t it?

Now to me, young people are those any age that is younger than 30, in my personal opinion. ( I’m showing my age now aren’t I ? Never ask a lady her age lol) From the minute you are born, you are you. You are unique, you are brave, and it is only those who surround you, that instill fear in you. It took me a long time to understand that. Yet, the youth I’ve known, the youth that exists, and the youth of today, they put a spin on everything, so that their fears become dreams, the impossible becomes possible, and that life is vibrant even on a rainy day.

Why is it important to celebrate our youth?

  • They will be here after we are not
  • They have what it takes to change the world
  • They understand more than we do most times
  • They still have enough purity to see the goodness in everyone and everything
  • Their very existence is needed

How can you not appreciate and celebrate that?

I’ve worked with children, and young adults my entire life, and I still feel this way. Being a Mum, has enlightened me to see that and believe that even more than I did.

You know a lot of times young people, or youth as I refer to them, are torn down, pressured in the wrong ways, and aren’t believed when they tell the truth. It’s our duty as adults, protectors of good, and Christian people, to encourage our youth, to believe in them, to believe them, to inspire them, and to acknowledge them. It is our duty to continue letting them know how much they are loved, and how much they are needed, while helping them understand that life isn’t all rainbows and cupcakes, but it can be so beautiful. It is also our duty to tell our youth, that they will make mistakes, but they can always fix them, and they will get hurt, but it doesn’t mean everyone will hurt them, it doesn’t mean they are worthless, and we must continue to show them how (again) needed they are.

As a MUM, a Christian, a friend, a person, a woman, a daughter, I want to remind you all, how important youth are. Now I can spend all day and probably wouldn’t finish posting about how fantastic the youth of today is, so just take my word for it, they’re still learning so much, but that’s what makes them awesome! There are always reports on people doing bad, but for every bad, there are ten good unknown and unseen silent heroes.

This post is dedicated to my son and all of the superstars of today! It is also dedicated to those young people who are gone, as they are remembered. It is also dedicated to all of the young people who have committed suicide, because no one heard their cry for help and no one could tell or acknowledged their sadness.

I ask you today, instead of wishing it, for you to encourage those around you, as you could be the helpful hand someone needs to succeeed.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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