My guardian angel

Hi everyone,

I want to end our week talking about angels. I have a really strong faith, as most of you know, but there are times when I’ve questioned that. Being an adult and or a parent, you often get lost in the shuffle of life. There are times when I feel like I have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and nowhere to rest. There are also times when I feel lost, and like I’m the only one going through what I’m going through. That’s what life wants you to feel. Alone.

When I feel so crappy I can’t even focus because the loudness of my life’s to do list, along with everyone’s expectations of me take over, I look to my guardian angel. Mine, she has a name, she has a purpose, and she helps me get through. She is my daughter.

My daughter when she was alive, was my reason, my quiet, my good nights sleep, and my peace of spirit.. She is still a huge part of who I’ve become, and who I’m trying to be better at being in present time. As you all know, I lost my daughter before she was born. It was the first time I realized that I never really knew what it was to love, or loose someone I loved that much. She was my complete me. After her departure from this world, I realized that those we love are our angels whether they’re gone or here on earth.

Listen ladies and gentlemen, life sucks a lot, and I’m human enough to admit it. Not everyone can, and sometimes there are some who only think it sucks. That’s the first step. Figuring out what sucks and how much of it needs to change.The second step is how to get out of the muck, and the third step is to seek guidance, when you alone cannot solve the problems. To succeed you can’t be afraid to seek advisory, and as an adult you also need to realize what problems you need to battle on your own. Yet even when we feel no one is there, there is always someone watching over us, no matter who you think that is; they love us unconditionally. Angels are all around us. The do gooders, the freedom fighters, the role models, those named and unnamed that just make our lives better. Fur babies are angels, children, best friends … Those who are gone that we remember, and those individuals we pray and or talk to, that help shield us from the world and sometimes even ourselves.. those are our guardian angels.

So when you’re dealing with sucky circumstances, your brain feels overwhelmed, and your heart feels broken, look to your angels, and know you’re not alone. They don’t call em guardian angels for nothin!

I wish for you all to find the guidance you need for all you do. Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

This blog is dedicated to my little lion.. my little girl. I love you and miss you. Never lead your family’s side. We will always need you.

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