Hello Spring

Hi y’all& HEY SPRING,

Man have I missed you! Lol I know I wasn’t all that early in my spring cleaning, but at least I left that to winter, and completed it before Spring ! I’m hoping this Springtime brings for all of us more sunshine physically, mentally, spiritually, and whole heartedly as winter can damper a lot of things…

Fun facts about spring :

    The Fall and Spring equinoxes are the only times of year when the sun rises East and sets West
    Spring is usually comes a day in March (Between the 19-21)
    Holidays that occur in Spring are; April Fools Day, Passover, Easter, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Cinco deMayo, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Holi
    The first day of Spring marks the Persian New year
    Spring is one of the most popular times to get married
    Research shows children grow faster in Spring than most times of year
    March is named after MARS the Roman god of war… so I guess that’s why we all get our allergies now ? Lol
  • How to beat Spring Allergies naturally:
    • Sip apple cider vinegar
      Have your daily probiotics
      Take hot showers to increase steam flow
    • Breathe in eucalyptus oils
    • Eat spicer foods
    • Get acupuncture
    • Drink more water
    • Eat honey made from bees in your area (I did this two years ago it helped actually )
    • Manage stress

  • Activities to try with your kids for Spring
    • Homemade bird feeders for migrating birds
      Painting flower pots
      Growing something in your flower pot
    • Flying kites
    • Picnics
    • Nature walks
    • Dying eggs
    • Making homemade Easter baskets
    • Going to the Farm! My favorite one
    • Laughing more

    No matter how you celebrate today or start your Spring just move forward from yesterday ! So let’s say farewell Winter ❄️ and HELLO SPRING!

    I wish you all a happy Spring !

    Much love,

    Belle ❤️

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