Cleaning for Spring

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am for SPRING this year, as the winter has not been too kind to my family.. colds, no snow days, more colds, and being home bound when we have plans! YUCK. So bring on the sun, no winter coats, and being able to make more plans !

Today I was literally cleaning .. like the spring cleaning most people do every year. Well, my husband and I started this tradition when we first moved in together, that we would clean before spring. Why? To actually enjoy spring! I mean, for me, cleaning is something that needs to be constantly done, and our before spring clean actually is something that helps me clear my head. I’m probably the only person in my entire family on both sides that has a decorative taste of NOT so many things.. I like open space, quotes, and pieces of decor that don’t collect too much dust. I’ve never been a hoarder, or someone who is creative enough to decorate every corner, so I actually WIN when it comes to cleaning. There’s never too much to organize lol

For me, when my mind is in clutter because of life, I to clean and rearrange. I can breathe better, think better, and overall, I always manage to find new looks for my space. Who doesn’t love a little change ? At the same time, being an adult, and Mum, you add different necessities to your cleaning. You have to clean to make sure you know what your children need, so they don’t have dust or yuck build ups anywhere, and overall so that dangers are put away ..

All in all cleaning is good, and it allows you to be refreshed and refresh your life ! Now don’t over do it, and make sure you clean to be safe and for refreshers but not as a burden. Sometimes dishes in the sink don’t outweigh a trip to the beach 😉

I wish for you all to have an uncluttered house and mind !

Happy almost spring !

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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