Frozen in time

Hi everyone,

Happy belated saint patty’s day! I hope the luck or the Irish ☘️ is now with us all! Over the weekend, I had gone through many trials and tribulations, but on Sunday they all came to one conclusion. No matter who we are, or where we are in our lives, all of us are still stuck on the past. Now, I truly believe there are times this happens and we are completely unaware of it, and other times this happens we don’t know how to move on from it, and it can hinder us from our true happiness.

I used to be a full throttle type A personality. I liked order and I liked to have a plan, for just about everything. Thankfully, when I had my son, that all changed. I learned life’s plans are made to be rescheduled, changed, trashed, or doubled up on fun, depending on the circumstances, as days may be pretty consistent, but life never is..

You all know the Disney movie FROZEN right? Well the sisters (main characters and awesome princesses) Anna and Elsa teach us all so many valuable lessons about this. They teach us how to carry on, even through unpredictable events, they teach us how to forgive, and they teach us that love and good intentions can carry us out of every muck we thought we’d never get out of! So as Elsa says, “Let it go.”

Each day is different than my last, and even on my most trying days, I realize at some point that I’ve learned so much by overcoming, not sulking. I know it’s hard to visualize when you’re in a really crappy memory that others never have and never will go through what you did, but even if that’s true, sadly, others may have gone through worse. Not everyone knows, truly knows, what we all individually have gone through, and even if we could show others, it wouldn’t change anything. It would just make us backtrack our progress as people. Who wants to backtrack? I mean for those of you old enough to remember how difficult it was to rewind something without a remote, well you can relate. If you don’t, then you don’t want to know. Lol

So all in all, don’t stay frozen in time, melt out of the old you, and get cozy with who you are, and keep being fabulous!

I wish for you all to let go of what hinders you, and hold on to what fills your hearts 💕

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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