Last hardship – It should be ABOUT ME

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry this post took so long, but I’ve been dealing with a lot, especially yesterday physically and emotionally so I didn’t even have a good second to push post, although I had this post drafted ! So to end our week, I want to discuss something very difficult for me to accept, and a very personal hardship topic. When things should be about ME, or in your cases YOU, and others hinder our happiness/ flow. I’ve mentioned earlier this week how we can’t control how others behave, but don’t we all wish we had the power to sometimes ? I know I do!

Don’t you feel sometimes that adults are harder to deal with than children? As a MUM, most times I feel that way. Life is meant to be shared, and you’re not supposed to be selfish. Yes we all get that, and I know I do.. However, what about those times when you accomplish great things and those around you, on those same days or great moments, make you feel as if your accomplishments aren’t worth celebrating, because they’re too busy focusing on them to even notice you or your feelings? Or how about those times when you’re sharing your feelings, and others make it all about them? Do you know people that can literally turn the best day of your life to the worst day of the week in just seconds, even though they know everything you’re going through ? I mean everyone’s entitled to their feelings and thoughts, but if we’re all supposed to be unselfish, then why do some people get away with being selfish and bratty, while the rest of us just have to put up with it? It’s not right. Plain and simple. My son behaves better than most adults I know. So my advice for not raining on someone’s parade:

  1. Think beyond yourselves and praise people’s success no matter how insignificant it may be to you, it could be the Taj mahal to them..
  2. Don’t always talk, learn to listen to..
  3. Don’t rain on someone’s parade. If you hate when people do that to you, remember people hate when you do it to them
  4. Even if your day sucked, if someone else’s is going great, indulge in their happiness and don’t make everything about you, and damper the day
  5. When people are trying to better themselves keep your EYORE and your Angry Birds attitude to yourself and away from their happiness and growth
  6. Use the golden rule always
  7. If you don’t know the golden rule treat others they way you want to be treated.

No ones perfect, but if someone you know feels sour because of something you did or said, try being more considerate and more compassionate. Not everything is one sided like most people think or pretend it is..

I wish for you all to use the golden rule.

Have a great weekend!

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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