The not so Fun Finances

Hi everyone,

As my favorite camel commercial camel says “Happy Hump Day!” Continuing the week on Hardships, which is perfect for indulging in Lent, I want to discuss finances…

Here’s my story.. I’ve been an entrepreneur and mini adult since I was 10 years old! By age 11, I was selling lemonade, homemade cookies, and made to order toe dye T-shirt’s, outside in the summer. At age 12, I was making a few bucks, as I was dog sitting for a neighbor. At 13 I was cleaning my families houses for some allowance to save. Then at 14, I was babysitting the neighbors kids. At 15 I began working my first REAL payroll job, and I’ve working ever since.

When I was first married, I worked at a job I LOVED. I worked very hard and managed difficult departments, but at the time, the job was worth it, the LONG drive TO AND FRO was worth it, and it helped me get everything I needed and wanted… I had a smaller but nice home, good working cars my husband and I would use, and enough to save and spend a little extra when we wanted to indulge.

Fast forward to when I lost my daughter. My bosses took this time of grief to backstab me and replace me, and send me to another less important position, and because I needed the money I just did it. Let’s also add to that the person I was replaced with was someone they knew well and she made $8000 more than I did but did the same work as I did, maybe less, and they wanted me to train her…oh yeah, that happened..

The next year I was pregnant with my son and became very ill. I had a rough pregnancy and as my posts show earlier on, my son and I had a LONG fight for survival. I had no choice but to rearrange my life, and I left the job. Once my son and I were done fighting and in good health, after his first Christmas, the bills came in. What we had worked so hard to save, gone, we had to change our living circumstances to survive, along with adding baby necessities, daily necessities, our regular bills, and our dog necessities. Along with everything life makes you pay for.. so why am I sharing these tough things with you, and why now? Well, as I see it, most of us have the same stories just different variations. I truly know what it is to loose everything, yet I kept pushing. You all need to do that as well !

Don’t stop. Keep getting up every time you fall.

We all know what it is to have nothing, we all know what it is to cry about it, and we all have been in a hole so deep which was not our fault or choice, and want to know how to get by. A saying in our family has always been ” god will provide.” He surely does. Finances are MAN MADE, and humans are greedy… I mean think about it.. we pay celebrities soooooo much money, but nurses who do even more foot work than some doctors, can’t even get healthcare? People go to a fancy restaurant pay $100 for a small plate of food, and we have countries starving? When we work, we get taxed so high, and we have insurance that doesn’t cover things we really need? It’s crazy !

The buzz all starts to when you’re in high school and everyone’s telling you to go to college right? Yet how many of us are still in debt because we wanted to go to school and get a better education, yet can’t get a decent job with decent pay and decent insurance ? Finances are NO fun ..

Now I can go on and on as a Woman, person, Mum, Worker, and so forth about why finances suck, but there’s no need, because if you’re reading this you already know. Yet there is hope. God provides to those who work hard and prove themselves worthy. Jesus wasn’t born rich was he? Heck his parents couldn’t even afford doctors and he was born in a stable, not even a barn. Thankfully, finances are becoming more talked about, and there are savvy ways now to help you learn how to save. So remember, what decisions and what inevitable issues have caused you to not be financially where you want to be now, can be fixed.. it’s not broken, even if you think so, you can fix it! Now if you’re happy where you are, good for you! I however am a type A personality so even when I’m good I want to be GREAT. So either way for us a win win, as long as we pray, worry less, and work hard.

I wish for you all to one day soon see your bank accounts reflect the hard-work you have put in..

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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