Unstoppable YOU

Hi everyone,

I currently follow a quote email, and I find it enlightening. It all happened one day randomly when I received this email with a relatable quote. Then it happened everyday. Usually I unsubscribe myself from emails that I never subscribed to in the first place, but this one was a keeper. So yesterday I received my quote email, with words from Morrie Schwartz.

For those of you unfamiliar with Morris S. Schwartz also known as Morrie Schwartz, he was a well known sociology professor and author. This is the quote that I read:

Today’s hardship, that is especially difficult for me, is what society and even those close to us want us to do, which is OBEY. I’ve always been a woman who beats to my own drum, and at the same time with certain things like obeying the law, I stick with the rules and follow them. I always think before I feel, and research before I follow. For example, I don’t go at an accelerated speed, at a stop sign, because I’m supposed to stop for my safety and the safety of others simple.

Those in my family, and those outside my family who knew me, know me, or really know me, can tell you that although I have a HUGE heart, when my mind is made up it’s made it. Now can you all agree with me that we all are like that in way? Now can you all agree with me that those closest to you often disrespect your decisions ? As a single person, people’s words, ways, and judgements didn’t really bother me. If those factors were somehow causing me stress or pain, well I would become annoyed at first thoughts, and then just shut that person off, like I do the TV. Now as a wife and Mum, it’s especially hard to do that.

When you grow up no matter what you do, it’s so hard to comprehend why those who supposedly support and love you, cannot accept YOU, especially when those same people aren’t perfect. For example, I set rules for my son’s everyday life, and boundaries for my marriage, so why do people test them? Why do people break those rules? Why do individuals find it selfishly ok to even question how I want MY family to be? Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever feel like sometimes you’re constantly fighting off nay sayers, explaining yourself when you REALLY don’t have to, and or feel alone because the inner circle doesn’t always keep you in the know?

I’m mentioning this to you all not to resurface anyone’s frustration, as I know thinking deep into why people are the way they are can be more than frustrating, but I want you all, like me through these hardships to accept something. My Bestie always told and still tells me, “you can’t control how other people are,” and being different in your beliefs and values, even your morals, and orders of importance for YOUR own life is ok to be uniquely your own way.

We’re all raised one way, and then we all choose our way. Don’t let anyone choose your way for you but God, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for how you want your individual life to be! Don’t. Life is beautiful because everyone’s distinctly remarkable, and wonderful things happen when our ideas for the same cause / intentions are demonstrated for the right reasons, but in various ways.

I know for me personally, Belle growing up was afraid. I was taught at a young age to shun my voice as I was just a child, and even when I spoke truth it wasn’t always heard or respected. Thankfully, MUM Belle is unstoppable, with darn good reason, and you can be unstoppable to, as long as what you do, and what you fight for, are your God given rights.

I wish for you all to be uniquely you, and also respect others ways of life, even if you think you know better. Everyone’s entitled to make their own path, and even learn from their own mistakes on their own, in their own time.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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