Winter blues

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Monday!

I started this blog to empower families and people whether they are parents or not, and I want to continue doing so. This week I want to focus on real people issues. Lent celebrates the outcome of struggle so this week I want to go through some common struggles. Most times I share about how to stay focused, happy, and healthy in all ways, and sometimes I discuss hardships, but I don’t always, ( except the post about what my son went through) discuss hardships in much detail. I just dislike talking about negative things, yet I’m adult enough to admit sometimes we have to talk about what’s hard to grow softer in our hearts and find better ways to cope.

For me, hardships I deal with stay private and are only in depth discussed if I feel a need to, or if I feel it will help someone else. I’m sure if you’re here, parent or not, you get that. So there’s no judgement from me to you or you to me.. safe place here. So I decided to open up the vault of what can be really hard, and right now it’s WINTER. During all other months it’s so easy to be carefree and blissful, but Winter is a challenge for me and always has been. It irritates my mood with the lack of sun, is more expensive, and after New Years, I spend most days planning for what’s next and sometimes loose sight of what’s right here right now.

I’m an active and social person always on the go, so when weather slows me down or I get many colds, it’s hard to shake it off. Except snowflakes. I’m still young at heart and love to play in the snow…I love snow.. so without further a-due Let me introduce Winter Blues.

Now I have not been diagnosed with this, nor do I know anyone who doesn’t want the cold to end, but ladies and gents it’s a real thing ! “Seasonal affective disorder” usually known as the winter blues is something most people have. It’s when you’re depressed more often than not, feel fatigue, and have social withdraw. Symptoms usually last a few months, can be self diagnosable, and once you’re 6 years old, you can get this. The highest percentages however come between ages 14-60.

Treatment for the winter blues are usually talk therapy, medicines prescribed only by a licensed doctor, and or taking care of yourself like exercise and hobbies. Now I’m not saying each of us has a seasonal disorder by any means, but think about your favorite time of year, and when it’s not that time, how do you feel? How do you go on? For me Fall is always the best. It starts off the holiday seasons, and you can still be outside. While other seasons have their goods, I don’t necessarily like them as much, and in winter, I tend to as a person get bored, and long for days to spend outside…

It’s even harder for a parent when you can’t let your little ones play outside, and are limited to what they can do or where they can go. Have you ever been around a restless or bored child? They do not like to be coupled up and can get wild like a T-Rex. As a Mum I try to be as innovative as I can, but most winter activities outside the house cost, you can’t bake everyday without wanting to eat all the cookies am I right? And so on and so on. So instead of letting the Winter blues or just blues beat us, let’s drink something warm, let’s dance to that playlist we love, and let’s live for today, because waking up tomorrow we’ll, it’s not promised, so when we wake up, let’s be glad we did!

So today ladies and gents let’s find productive and positive ways to heal our wounds, conserve our energies, and decrease our feelings of crappiness, starting with avoiding as much as we can any shade of blue that equals sadness. I’m not perfect, and in my imperfections and flaws I find love and life, and so can each of you…

Today I simply wish for you all to keep your heads high.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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