Lent Day 2- Recharge

Hi Everyone,

There is such thing as life overload, and this is when we need a recharge ! Being the first born child, a worker, and a mother, I know this first hand! Lent is a perfect time to learn how to do give yourself the power of life, and learn how to slow down. Not everyone can afford basking in the sun for weeks at a time to escape life’s chaos, so we can find others ways to recharge.

For me, it’s a few things. It’s being in a place locked by myself for 5-10mins with just quiet. No one talking to me, asking questions that they already know the answers to, or judging me and my decisions. That is my first favorite place to be, after a long hard day. Sometimes my place to recharge is just being outside. Getting fresh air at a safe place for a few minutes feels good, especially after being cooped up in the house. Sometimes my recharge is going out with just my son, husband, and fur baby. Just us four, to somewhere where we can just be, like the park or the beach, away from all noise and issues that surround us.

Sometimes peoples ways, jobs, family, random life circumstances, and your ENTIRE world and all in it can be toxic for how you want to grow and change, and that is when you need to take the time to figure out multiple plans to help you get through it all. Recharge is the first step. We’re all tired and it’s ok to admit that every so often.

My final recharge comes in two ways. It comes when I find a place to pray and sing. It’s relaxing, anyone can be there, but I feel like my soul is soaring, and it makes everything I mean everything alright. Think of yourself as a cell phone. You need to charge your phone or the battery will shut off. We, people, are like this to. Children, when they get tired they take naps, what do we do? Some of us drink coffee or a drink with caffeine. Some of us run on adrenaline alone, and no matter how we choose to stay awake/ survive the day, to run run run, we just need times to shut it all off, and sleep isn’t always the answer. Sometimes talking about it is , sometimes it’s not. What I’m trying to say is that everyone has a different way. If you’re way is not giving you peace even for 5mins a day, then you need to find another way.

Here is a link to some other ideas I think can be useful in your personal recharge I like them a lot to…:


No matter how you pick up your pieces, just remember to pick them up. It doesn’t always have to be all at once, but don’t let those pieces drag on the floor for too long. It’s not good for you or those you love who love you.

I wish for us all to become recharged, and continue doing what we need for ourselves so we can do for others.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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