Lent -Day 1 sacrifice

Hi everyone ,

I hope you all are recovered from yesterday! Now let’s begin with discussing about LENT. Lent is 40 days long. It begins today (every year different date ) on Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday. The number of days, 40, is significant during this season. For Christians, we acknowledge that Jesus spent 40 days in the desert, it took Noah 40 days to see his ark float, and it took Moses 40 years to get to the promise land. So Lent is 40 days long.

Lent, is also celebrated by sacrifice. Most Catholic traditions call for no meat on Friday’s and on holy days ( Thursday and Friday before Easter) For Lent Catholics and other Christians decide on what things, habits, ect we will give up during these 40 days. The older I became, I learned that you can also add some things to this if you feel you need to add not cut habits.

For example, one year I added praying the rosary daily. I never prayed the rosary or a dedicated prayer daily, so that was what I added. This year, I have given up all junk food, and added to be mindful of my words at all times. For some these are minimal, but for me, they are EXTRA HARD ! I love junk food, and I’m very honest, so if I think something is stupid, I’ll probably say it is, and not be mindful that stupid isn’t a nice word at all.

So what’s the point of Lent and how does it work for us ? Well today being Ash Wednesday, I thought we’d first talk about what it means. Ash Wednesday in particular, is a symbol. Blessed Palms from last year’s Palm Sunday are burned into ashes. Those ashes are displayed in the sign of a cross on foreheads of every individual that goes to Ash Wednesday mass. Here’s where we begin seeing sacrifice. To wear a cross on your forehead for the world to see all day, symbolizes your sacrifice. A sacrifice to choose to believe in God, and even a sacrifice of potential persecution for demonstrating your right to freedom of religion.

Now I don’t always agree with the Man Made laws of the church / places of worship, nor do I condone the misconduct of those who were supposed to protect their followers; I simply believe in what we are supposed to believe in… that ashes come to ashes one way or another, and God is pure and innocent love that surrounds us with grace, strength, protection, and hope…

So no matter who you are or what your beliefs are, we all sacrifice. Going to work is a sacrifice. Staying at home is a sacrifice. Working from home is a sacrifice. Accepting a hard reality is a sacrifice. Letting go and forgiving your wrong doers, sometimes can be the hardest sacrifice of all, yet there are some of us who can do this. Getting up is a sacrifice. When we think of Lent, we remember Jesus, but I remind you my dear friends that we also remind ourselves that his message and love is in all of us. We never know where our sacrifices will take us on earth, but we’ll know someday when we get to Heaven. Wherever that place is.

Today I wish you all a moment of silence for your own personal sacrifices and remember if they haven’t already, they’ll continue making you who you are.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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