Happy Mardi Gras

Hi y’all,

Happy Mardi Gras! What is the purpose of Mardi Gras? Well, it it is the end of the carnival season. The carnival m season usually begins on or after Three King’s Day (Jan. 6) and ends today. It’s similar to how most people like me celebrate the Christmas season after Thanksgiving and end the holidays on New Year’s Day. So Mardi Gras to me is like New Years Eve. It’s festive, fun, loud, but you won’t see me throwing or catching any beads …not my thing.

Historical and Fun Facts about today :

👑 1837 New Orleans celebrated its first

Mardi Gras parade

🚣‍♀️ 1857 floats were introduced to this parade

👺Masks must be worn and are required by law for any float riders

🧬In some parts of The south like Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida, Mardi Gras is an official holiday

🕊 Mardi Gras is always on the Tuesda before Ash Wednesday

🎁Mardi Gras in French means “Fat Tuesday”

🥞 England, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada celebrate this day as “pancake day” YUM

🌈 The colors used in this celebration are: green purple, and gold . Purple =Justice, Gold=Power, Green=Faith

☮️ Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler is the Cajun catch phrase meaning “let the good times roll”

So today is a day of fun, eating ALOT of food, dancing, partying, but most importantly it brings us to shake our sillies our, before we begin the Lenten season.. preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

How to celebrate Mardi Gras without the beads :

Have fun with your loved ones

Eat really good food and desserts

Bake/cook , take out, go out to eat if these suit you

If you are of age and have a drink, drink don’t get drunk and know your limits. Especially as Adults and parents we don’t need to BE a 💩 show

DANCE to whatever moves your feet

Make masks or buy them the kids will love this

Figure out what you are going to GIVE UP or ADD to your life during the season of Lent

Just have fun doing whatever makes you happy !

I wish for you all today to have FUN, in whatever you do.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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