A letter to God

Hi everyone,

I wanted to end this week, not on Thursday or Friday, but today. Sometimes in life we need a spiritual recharge. For those of you who know me, you know I believe in God, miracles, and the power of prayer. Well today, my best friend, her mom, my husband, my son, and I, went to church together, and I was inspired.

I was amazed at how the community of love and peace, can fill voids in our hearts, how songs of praise can rejuvenate our souls, and how just being together can help us prepare for anything that comes along… good or bad.. so today I want to end my week with a letter to God. The only way I know how to thank him. With this letter, I hope I remind each of you, that parent or not in physicality, you are a child of God, and you parent others who need your love and support on a daily basis. We are blessed.

Dear God,

Thank you for understanding me when I cannot understand myself. Thank you for surrounding me today and everyday with love, especially when life seems dark. Lord I want you to know that even when I feel forgotten, I pray to you, and that is when I hear you most. You are the creator of the world, you are the treasure of my days, and through you I’ve learned much. I’ve learned to forgive, and I’ve learned to ask for forgiveness. I’ve learned to be thankful, and to be humbled. Most of all, I now know how to accept love, and how to give love. I want you to know, you aren’t forgotten. You have many names to many people, but we all know you as love, peace, goodness, and truth. Man has made many laws to keep us from you and our destined paths, but your true followers, we will always know how to get back to where we belong, which is you. I want to ask you to continue watching over all those who need you, my family, my friends, and those who are hear reading this. May we and all others be blessed to seek truth, and be truthful. May we be willing to pray and stand up for what is right. Most all of Lord I ask you for strength for us all to succeed in darkness, and bring light to a world where those who are good don’t always shine. Thank you for guiding, loving, and protecting us, and help us to always keep those things holy.

Sincerely your child,

Belle ❤️

I wish for you all to not forget you’re loved and needed and important !

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