After pregnancy =Baby

Hi everyone,

To end our talks about how I became a Mum, well it all begins with childbirth. There are many ways to give birth to a baby, and most births are unplanned. No matter how your child is born, it usually for most is painful, then the mother must recover, and no matter how the mum feels, they have to now put that aside for the baby’s needs. This is the part most people don’t go into in too much details. Once you give birth true motherhood begins …. If you have your child in a more modern fashion, just to have the baby or child you prayed for is just as amazing, and everyone sacrifices to get to this point.

For me, it was the most impactful moment of my entire life. It was the most special time to hold my son in my arms for the first time. When he was born, and I heard his cry, and I saw his head full of hair, and was told he was strong, I was overjoyed. The pain I felt physically didn’t exist when I was with him.I still cherish that first moment so much today.

Once my son was home with me, I learned what babies come with. A LOT of growing. Adults have baggage but babies have growing. They really are born amazing in what they know, but also so dependent on what they do not know.

Newborn Babies Need :

  • Love
  • Safe environment
  • A bassinet or crib
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Formula or Mummy Milk
  • Protection
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Blankets
  • Repeat and add other things

Newborn Babies :

  • Wake up at least every two to three hours
  • Are always hungry
  • Poop a lot
  • Pee a lot
  • Sleep a lot
  • Have personalities of their own
  • Cry when they are trying to communicate
  • Don’t always look the way they will when they’re first born

*****Are amazing

So my journey in short, I fell in love, decided with my husband before we got married that we wanted children, got married for love, then tried for children. I had become pregnant to my angel in heaven the first time. The second time I went through trials and tribulations, but I am testimony to what it truly means to see a miracle; my son. No matter how you choose to get there, traditional or not, just the fact that you choose to give up your life to raise another is amazing !

It’s hard to have and raise children and not everyone wants to admit that, but I do because it’s true. It’s a process, a life change, although there are books to help you, no two children are alike. So knowing that you aren’t one of the parent clan is more than ok. Also being part of this clan is more than ok to. Win win.

I hope I have given you all some insight on things, and for those of you who value my opinion enough to read along with me, regardless of your stance, thank you.

I wish you all a wonderful day filled with the courage to make your own minds up. I did once, and I never knew until now, how amazing that choice would be…

This blog post is dedicated to my children. Thank you for choosing me. My daughter, my angel, and my son, once a baby now a grown young man. I cherish you both, adore you both, and am humbled by the life you both give me everyday.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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