Bring on the Bump

Hi y’all,

Today we are discussing the BUMP. Not the bump in the road, but the most important bump of life; pregnancy. Don’t worry I don’t intend to get graphic, as I don’t want to relive those moments either lol! So here’s my take you asked for!!!!

Once you’ve made the choice to have kids, if you are able to, you get pregnant. If you’re not having the bump personally, whichever way you choose to have kids, someone, you, or someone else, bore that child you are expecting, and that is how you were born…so the bump is important !

I used to think before I became pregnant, that I would see my bump early on. Well I actually didn’t until I was almost to my third trimester. Yet, I always cradled my belly as if it was always there. Once a person conceives life gets REAL. Hormones are insane, you can become sick all the time, different women suffer from pregnancy derived distresses and diseases, and some women just have a great time all the way through. Each pregnancy is different, but here are some things most women can relate to.

When you’re pregnant you:

  • Are different and people find it hard to accept you and your way of thinking sometimes
  • Are more forgetful
  • Are more aware of your decisions
  • Are more instinctual
  • Are more protective of yourself and your baby
  • Sometimes aren’t sure what’s the right way to bond with your unborn child
  • Question yourself
  • Have a million questions for the OB
  • Peeing all the time
  • Aren’t sure what to expect in regards to delivery
  • Plan every spare minute you can

While there’s so much to think about, find out, and realize, over and over in each trimester, pregnancy is joyous and scary at the same time, as there’s so many things a woman needs to change and sometimes sacrifice.

What I did:

  • Before I was pregnant I gave up all caffeine. Yep that’s right ladies and gents not even a lick of chocolate the whole time I was trying and the whole time I was pregnant.
  • I didn’t eat lunch meat.
  • I only ate cheddar cheese… this was the hardest as I love me some cheese !!!!
  • I didn’t eat any seafood, so I wouldn’t have to worry about what was in it.
  • I didn’t eat out at all. This way I didn’t have to worry about what was in my food.
  • I took prenatal vitamins when I was trying, all the way until my son was two months old.
  • I slept on my left side while I was trying until now: I was always a right side sleeper and now welp I like my left.
  • I kept my pregnancy the second time a secret, and some people didn’t know until I gave birth..
  • I sang to my bump even before I knew what he was
  • I said a pregnancy prayer every morning and night
  • I kept my feet up when I could
  • I drank only one or two cups of juice a day and all water otherwise
  • Jolly ranchers helped me with morning sickness
  • Pedialyte helped stay hydrated and helped when I would have morning sickness

These are just the most important things I remember doing. Each person is different, so it’s important to just talk to your doctor Before coming up with what works with you. I tried many doctors until I found the ones I could trust. So if you’re not comfy with the doc you have, you’re not obligated to stay with that practice. Some OBS are better than others.

So how do others get affected you the bump? HORMONES! Hormones drive each pregnant woman crazy in various aspects, so if you’re a spouse, a SO, a relative, friend, ect, the bump can put changes into your relationship that are good and sometimes challenging. I think pregnant women should talk more about this, as people who don’t have a bump don’t always get it. The hormones can also last well into 6 months past pregnancy, and that in itself is difficult, and most people don’t know that. My advice to everyone is that if you are feeling as if you can’t control your emotions, seek help immediately. Hormones especially post pregnancy ones are very real. Nothing funny there.

Here’s another reality :Pregnant women are not always treated kindly. There’s no extra line that we can cut to when shopping, not always a close parking space to a front door, and not all of us can take time off of work during or even after pregnancy. Pregnant women are sometimes mean to other pregnant women. It can even be like a competition. That part irks me. For example, people throw a wedding type baby shower and some people can’t even afford a simple dinner with those they love. Those are just a few things.

sooooo How does the bump change other situations not just a woman who’s pregnant . Well for people adopting, the bump gives them a chance to have kids of their own, and give the child a better life. For those choosing a surrogate, those parents get the experience of pregnancy in another cool way without having to go through the physicality themselves.

So in short without continuing to blab, as I could forever, about this topic, the bump is important and should be protected and respected ! If you all have any other questions I’d be glad to answer from what I know, but I’m no doctor. So cheers to the bump, the second step to the way of life being a complete circle !

Today I wish for us all to be nice to pregnant women. They go through a lot !

I dedicate this post to all those pregnant women, all those parents going through the adoption process, all those parents deciding on surrogacy and the surrogates they choose. To all those who choose to be parents, great ones, it’s a choice you won’t regret!

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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