Hi everyone,

Today I want to talk about preparation. As an adult we all learn the early bird gets the worm. Why is that ? What does that really mean? Well when you are on time, prepared, and ready for the day, you accomplish more, become more responsible, and get what you are looking for, and I don’t think that’s a “worm” for most of the world.

As a Mum, I try to be as organized as can be, yet being a mother has taught me that you can’t be as prepared as you would like to be. So being prepared is not always a win win, but you gain knowledge either way. In my faith, every year I prepare for a time called “Lent.” Besides the Christmas season, this is another of my favorite times of year. It is 40days of reflecting, awareness, change, and oh yes the season of EASTER CANDIES… PEEPS! So what better way to introduce LENT, then with a simple introduction to preparation.

There’s no right or wrong way to prepare for life, as it’s circumstantial, but LENT proves that if we plan, fail, plan, and succeed, then we are doing the best we can. When things don’t work out, it doesn’t mean it’s a missed opportunity, rather it’s a chance to think outside the box, and think about what’s important.

So let’s prepare to be better, think better, feel better, heal, and make sure our children are better than we are ! After all, that is what preparing is all about, thinking before acting, and continuously learning how to do and be better..

I wish for you all tonight to prepare for what you can and for what you can’t know it’s ok, to not know, the answers and the path will present itself.

Much love,

Belle ❤️

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